Zane is the Elemental Master of Ice in the realm of Ninjago.

He is canon to LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu, but there have been several other versions of the character in other media, including fanfiction.

Below is a list of these variations within The Ninjago Multiverse.

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Home Earth Name Image Media Creator Description
Prime Zane
LEGO Ninjago LEGO;


The "prime" Zane, one of the main protagonists of the LEGO Ninjago TV show.
2 Zane
The LEGO Ninjago Movie LEGO;

Warner Bros.

Zane from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.
5 Zane
Zane SOR111
Ninjago: The Shadow of Ronin LEGO; TT Games Zane from Ninjago: The Shadow of Ronin.
6 Zane
Battles of Doomsday G Frost Zane that was the same as Prime Zane until before Hands of Time.
14 Zane Julien
Zane Earth 14
Legends of Ogaji: World of Snow G Frost A version of Zane that went missing during Rebooted, and returned to destroy the Overlord, who has taken over Ninjago.
17 Zane Julien
Legends of Ogaji: Guardians of Existence G Frost A version of Zane that joined the Elemental Master resistance in Ogaji.
30 Zane
Season 13: Battle Tendency G Frost A version of Zane from the Civil War Timeline. He was killed saving Ninjago City from a plague of darkness.
32 Zane
Zane Bot 3000
Into the Jay-Verse Ninjagofan


This version of Zane is in a robot body. He is from a world where the Ninja are evil.
47 Zane



Adventures of the Ninja Redninja2.0 A version of Zane who participates in related random events with the ninja.
81 Zane
DTinagliastudios Series Dan Tinaglia This version of Zane is from DT's series.
95 Zane
Legend of Nya David Orla This version of Zane appears in the Legend of Nya series on Instagram.
112 Zane
The Abandoned Mind This version of Zane has persisted on's instagram page for five years. He takes part in The Abandoned, in which the reversal blade is used on him, causing him to age backwards.
728 Zane
Ninjagofan0728 Ninjagofan


This version of Zane is from the "world of white backgrounds" where the Ninja go through wacky scenarios that rarely relate.
848 Zane
Jay-Verse: Origins of the Dark Realm Luma208_Lego A version of Zane where he and the other Ninja are part of the intergalactic Starfarer crew.
1,562 Zamboni
Enzago Nin_Jen This version of Zane is from a world where the Ninja are distorted. This Zane was born an Oni, and infiltrated Ninjago and became their emperor for a short time.
3,738 Zane
Legends of Ogaji: Children of Creation G Frost This version of Zane was ripped from his world to serve in an evil deity's army to destroy the Elemental Masters of Ogaji.
78,485 Enza
Enzago Nin-Jen This version of Zane is the Ninja of Frozen Water. She is left alone at the Monastery while the other Ninja help Jengo defend her realm.
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