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Zane is the Elemental Master of Ice. In Rise of the Snakes Episode 7, Tick Tock, it is revealed that he is a robot. Thus, he is commonly called a "Nindroid", a combination of "ninja" and "android." This term was invented by Jay. He was chosen to protect the Green Ninja along with the other three Ninja. When performing Spinjitzu he appears to be spinning in a white vortex. He was created by Inventor Dr.Julien. He also has a rusty Replica known as Echo Zane. At one point he inserted P.I.X.A.L into his own memory. He is even known as the Titanium Ninja after his battle with The Overlord a.k.a The Golden Master. He is the White Ninja.


Zane was created by his father in a small workshop inside a tree, as revealed in the episode "Tick Tock". It is also revealed the falcon is a robot and was created by Zane's father. Zane lived a happy life with his father, and when his father died, he pressed Zane's memory switch before dying so Zane would forget his past. Ever since, Zane has believed he was an orphan.

After joining the ninja, Zane has become good friends with his teammates. In the second season, Zane frequently saw a falcon that would lead him to something important. The first time, it led Zane and the other ninja to the Hybnobrai fortress in the woods. The second time, it led them to the Destiny's Bounty, their new home. The third time Zane saw the falcon, it was in a dream with the Green Ninja. The fourth time Zane followed the falcon, it led him far away to the workshop he was created in. Here, Zane figured out that the falcon was a robot, and to his shock, so was he after seeing the blueprints for him. Zane discovered his past after flicking the memory switch, and found out about more features in himself.

Though saddened by the truth, the other three ninja comfort Zane by saying no matter what he is, he is still their brother. After this encouragement, and remembering the past and how his father cared for him, Zane began to feel stronger, and in the process, became the first one to unlock his true potential. The Great Devourer shredded half of his human skin on his face away. He has been called a "seer with a sixth sense". In 2013, Zane finds that his father, Dr. Julian, is alive. In the 2014 series called " Rebooted", Zane is the main character. In episode 34, Zane sacrifices himself, but he is reborn is the systems in Borg Industries rebuilding himself, as the Titanium Ninja. His android friend (possibly a love interest) named PIXAL is found to be only on a neural drive. Zane puts her drive into him, so they are one.


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