Yuma Lupin (AKA Terry The Purple Ninja) is the Master of Purple. She was born in Ohio, but moved to Ninjago after learning about her Elemental Power.

She is a Master of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu, as she was taught both by her father Dareth.

She uses Terry as codename as a ninja so that villains don't know her true identity.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Yuma was born the daughter of Dareth and his wife. They lived in Ohio for most of their lives until Yuma discovered her true potential while saving a boy from drowning.

At ten years old she mastered karate, and she gained more control over her powers, but still felt like she needed more guidance.

So, with the permission of her parents, she moved to Ninjago to meet the Ninja and to harness her power.

Sons of Garmadon Edit

After meeting the Ninja, she became a secretive member, who hid in the shadows until she was needed.

During Garmadon's attack on Ninjago City, she tried to contact the Ninja, but was unable to due to the devastation of the city, and so she went after Garmadon directly.

She met up with Garmadon and Harumi, and put up her best fight, but was unable to stop them alone. Garmadon used his powers to banish Yuma to the First Realm... and she was marooned, along with the original four ninja and Wu.

Hunted Edit


Dragona the dragon of Purple

During her time in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, she had no contact with the Ninja, or any reason to believe they were marooned there with her. Her father had taught her about the Dragons, and how they can ferry between realms. So, she befriended the Dragon of Purple, (who she named Dragona,) and made her way back to Ninjago, only to find that Garmadon had a vice-like grip on Ninjago City... and the Resistance needed her help.

She tried to make her way towards the Resistance, but the Sons of Garmadon were relentless, and wouldn't let her by... Even with the help of Dragona, she was too weak. She was eventually captured by the SoG and put in Kryparium Prison.

At the end of Hunted, when the prisoners were released, she attempted to follow them, but she got a call from Ohio saying her parents needed her help...

March of the Oni Edit

Terry returns to Ohio to find that the Oni have invaded only Ohio and nowhere else. Terry had no choice but to fight then off to save her family, but they were much too strong to fight all alone.

The Oni clouded Ohio in black clouds, and Terry was too late to save her parents, as they have been frozen like statues.

Heartbroken, she boarded Dragona and set on destroying the Oni. However, one dragon was no match for a whole army of Oni, and she was defeated, and frozen by the Oni's curse...

Description Edit

Yuma is a blonde haired female who wears her hair long.

Her ninja Gi is usually almost entirely purple, with added maroon elements to it.

Age Edit

Yuma was 10 years old when she unlocked her Elemental Power, and was 14 when she joined the Ninja team.

As of March of the Oni, she is 16 years old.

Personality Edit

Yuma is a kind and generous person, and she only wants to help people. After joining the Ninja team as a secret operative, she was trained in sword fighting and stealth, which lead her to become serious and cold. She is warm and welcoming with friends, but to strangers and villains, she is tough as a rock.

She is also compassionate and loving to animals she meets, which is how she befriended Dragona.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Her elemental power of Purple helps her see in the dark, and also turns peoples eyes purple, allowing her to control their moves and what they say.

Her favorite weapon is the Golden Spear of Purple, which is a long golden spear with a purple tip and green elements embezzled over it.

Notes Edit

  • Her name comes from a random article that I wrote on that wasn't even mine.