Kai: I'll let you finish me if you just tell me what you've done to Nya.

Wyplash: I gave her the Sacred Venomari Poison Seal. It can only be removed with Venomari Anti-Venom, which now you can't get thanks to you sacrificing your life. Kiai!


Wyplash of the Fangpyre

Wyplash of the Fangpyre is the main antagonist of the Fangpyre Revenge Arc. He looks like Wyplash, but his hat is replaced by Goldeus, who has a two chains with snakes on them hanging off of his tail.

History Edit

As a human Edit

Wyplash failed at everything, yet his father succeeded. One day, Samukai came to him and gave him his Heli Chain, which he killed his clan with and took his father's hat. As a thankyou, he joined Samukai's army.

Project Seal the Venomari Arc Edit

Chopov used his Lightning Scream to summon Wyplash for Lord Garmadon's army after he helped seal away the Venomari, but instead Wyplash got into a fight with Lord Garmadon. At the end of the arc, Goldeus drags Wyplash into the darkness and bites him.

Fangpyre Revenge ArcEdit

After being turned half snake by Goldeus, Wyplash stole the Venomari staff from the captured Sensei Wu and revived all of the sealed away Venomari snakes. After Lord Garmadon leaves, him, the Venomari and the Fangpyre battle against the ninja, Nya and Lloyd for the Four Weapons of Spinjitsu. During the fight, Wyplash puts the Sacred Venomari Poison Seal on Nya. Then Kai gets angry and unleashes the Anger Beast power he took from Nya. His aura destroys the Seal, but Wyplash still wins the fight. He then engages into a fight against Nya. In the fight, Goldeus is knocked off of his head and sent plummeting of a cliff to his death. Wyplash is then brought back to his senses and uses the staff to destroy the Venomari and Fangpyre. In order to do this he sacrifices his own life.

Only Threat to Ninjago Arc Edit

Wyplash was revied by a myterious man to become a threat to Ninjago. Goldeus was also revived so he could turn evil, then engaged in a fight against Lloyd and lost.

Trivia Edit

  • The worm in his ear sometimes tries to push Goldeus off of his head.
  • In the Only Threat to Ninjago Arc, Wyplash's appearance was normal (apart from a forked tongue and scales obviously) but his weapon was slighly altered, this time longer.
  • Wyplash made a cameo in the Spying For Spinjitsu Arc.