Lloyd : Ha Ya ! I Just Kicked your Butt !

Kai: You'll Get it now ! Flame Thrower !

Lloyd: Aw, Man

Jay: Hey Kai I Got you Back

Cole: Lloyd I Got your Back

Nya: Ok Now All shoot, in 3 2 1 ! Now !

Zane: Whoo ! We did it

Cole: Like Old Times ! But without Nya or Lloyd

Nya and Lloyd : Hey !

Sensei: What are you doing ! Lloyd you know better ! and ninja your gonna end up like last time !not you too...

Kai: Give us a Break Sensei, We Trained All Week since we destory phythor

Jay: Sensei; you got to relax and have fun for a change

Jay: what if me , you Zane and Nya go eat some place

Sensei: well. ok..... I'll get ready

Kai: what about me, Cole and Lloyd ?

Jay: Here...

( Kai, Cole and Loyd look at the game cover called Ninja of Destory)

Kai: Dude, this game dose not come out untill next month !

Lloyd: How did you get it ?

Jay: heh heh heh, you know me

Lloyd: I CALL PLAYER 1 !

Kai: PLAYER 2 !

Cole: Now im stupid Player 3

Jay: meh, Bye Guys

(Kai, Lloyd and Cole Make a Face and play the game)

Later with Sensei Wu and The 2 Ninjas and Nya

Jay: So Nya what are good Places to eat !

Nya: well how about Ninjago's Food Express

Zane: I Haven't been their for a long time

Jay: yeah yeah, so is Sensei ready

Sensei: Yes, Lets go

Jay:so were taking my storm fighter their and Nya is on her suit with zane

Sensei: lets go....

to be con