Tranquility Tea is special Type of Tea similar to Traveler's Tea and Tomorrow's Tea. It's purpose is to clear the person's mind and allow them to relax.

Appearance Edit

It's a light brown liquid like any other tea. Kent keeps a full white flask of it with leaves floating on top of it.

History Edit

It is not shown, but it is described by Sensei Wu to have been used by leaders and important men to achieve peace or help important deals go through. It has always been considered extremely rare and a staple of luxury.

During the events of the Heist arc, the Kent makes use to it to artificially force his true potential in both the Junkyard and the break into the Hiroshi's Labyrinth Stronghold to use the Sword of Sanctuary.

Acquisition Edit

Naturally, anyone hoping to acquire the tea could buy it from Mystake or other such vendors, but those who can't afford to buy it must gather the ingredients, 1/4 ounce redthorne vine from the toxic bog, 1/8th onces of ground up Blue Junipers, 1/2th ounces of ice from near the top of the wailing alps, and 1/8th special cactus juice. Everything is either rare of hard to get leading to it's high price.

Uses Edit

As stated, it is used to soothe a distressed, irritated, or conflicted person by clearing their minds and letting them focus with a mild euphoric feeling. Naturally, it's used to calm people in order to help negotiations for which more expensive deals hinge on.

However, the Steel Knights learned that it could be used to bypass emotional conflicts standing in the way of one's true potential. Kent successfully uses it to temporarily utilize his potential and Sensei Wu confirms that past Elemental Masters have used the Tea for such purposes. However, Sensei Wu states that it is a crude method and will only last as long as the Tea does which would be a very short time.

Users Edit

  • Numerous historical leaders, entrepreneurs, and diplomats.
  • A few old elemental masters (to bypass their troubles and unlock their true potential for a very limited time.)
  • Kent (First time to create a junk monster to fight off all the ninja while Elle escaped. The second time to restore power to the entire Hiroshi's Labryrinth Stronghold so he could resume control of the hacked system.)

Creator Edit

Aaxelae (talk)