Tools of Destruction tells of the Return of the Skulkin, as well as them attempting to learn the power of the weapons and spinjitzu. It takes place directly after Can of Worm, and starts showing Lloyd's potentiel of being noble.


Chapter #1: Wyplash's PlanEdit

Deep down in the underworld the skeletons may seem defeated. But they aren't. They planning a conspiracy that could overthrow all of Ninjago and put them on top. They're General and King Wyplash plans to lead them to victory, whatever the cost. But one thing stands in his way. The Ninja. Sensei Wu's four ninja had defeated them before again and again and for only one reason. They're Spinjitzu. If only the Skulkin could preform this marvelous power, but even if they could they wouldn't be able to last against the Golden Weapons. They're had to be some way.... WAIT! Just then Wyplash got what he though to be an unstopable idea. Why not forge they're own Golden Weapons, and copy off of the ninja training course? His army would learn the art of Spinjitzu before long if he could help it and the weilders of they're four golden weapons would be his four generals.

Wyplash: Chopov, Frakjaw, Bonezai, Krazi, report to the lair immediatly! He blaired through the echo system that they had made in the place of loudspeakers.

The four generals repoted immediatly and agreed on the idea, before getting into they're vehicles and speeding out to the surface.

Chapter #2: TrainingEdit

At Destiny's Bounty the Ninja were in training, they had just defeated a unition of Serpentine. They were in training by Wu's orders attempting to grow even more strength and skill.

Jay: Jump, Flip, Spin. Jump, Flip, Spin. This training is getting old. I wish we were allowed to play the X-Station today. I bet I could beat your Fist-to-Fist 2 high score Kai

Kai: Oh known you couldn't!

Zane: Guys! We must train if we are to find out who the Green Ninja is.

Cole: Zane's right. We all need to train. But what better way then trial under fire.

Jay: C'mon Cole! We just defeated the Serpentine breifly. I wanna take it easy for a while.

Kai: I have to agree with Cole. It's just to quiet around here.

Jay: Please don't say that! Every time we say something like that...

Nya: Guys! The Skulkin are back.

Zane: Skulkin? Something is extremely wrong.

Cole: Right Zane. We better get to the map right now.

The group entered then enter the map room and prepared themselves.

Lloyd: My father's old army has apparently returned, according to this chart four of the skeletons have left the Underworld and are spreading across Ninjago.

Nya: One's heading for the Fire Temple, another is heading for the Caverns of Despair, while this ones heading for the Frozen Wasteland, and the last one is moving towards the Floating ruins.

Jay: Hmmm, just like old times huh?

Kai: Yeah.

Cole: Well guys shall we split up and take these boneheads?

All Ninja: YEAH!

Wu: Be careful though. This doesn't seem right.

Cole: It is interesting. Especially since these four locations were the original resting places of the four weapons before we got them.

Jay: How 'bout we take 'em by element? Each ninja takes his elemental location.

Cole: That's the best idea we have, so let's use it.

The Ninja then got they're masks on and hopped off Destiny's Bounty flying down to the ground. They then materialized they're vehicles and landed on the ground.(Except Jay, who of course went flying off)

Jay: First one back here get's first on the X-Station!

Zane/Kai/Cole: Agreed!

The group then parted and left for they're seperate destinations.

Chapter #3: DefeatEdit

Jay Storm Fighter screached through the sky towards the ruins. As he approached the Floating Ruins he saw the Skeleton Chopper hovering near them, however when he got closer he noticed the pilot wasn't inside. He quickly disassembled his fighter and hopped onto the ruins. Looking around for the skeleton that was there.

Krazi was specificly looking for the bone of a ThunderBird. This would give him his new golden weapon. With his Golden Weapon he would be capable of weilding the dark lightning power. Thunder, otherwise known as sonics. He had his target in sight. He cocked his arm to throw the shuriken he was holding "Jingle, Jingle, THWAP!" He got what he came for. But Jay met him on the way back to the chopper.

Krazi: Ninja.

Jay: Krazi? You won't stand a chance.

Jay twirled the Nunchucks and threw a electro blast at Krazi. But Krazi stopped it in midair with a thunder vibration. Jay then charged Krazi shooting energy at full charge. Krazi did the same. They were at a stalemate until Krazi quit using his thunder, and rolled into another position he then used his vibrations to split the ruins in half. Jay was knocked out and thrown into orbit above the planet. While Krazi left in his copter. Jay hopped that his friends had better luck, before he became unconcious. But in reality none of them had very good luck. Kai was thrown onto a ledge over a bursting lava lake by Frakjaw. With his Magma Mace forged fresh from the Fire Temple's lava. Zane had his own Shurikens used to freeze him thanks of Bonezai's Air Pickaxe made of golden glass-ice. And Cole was trapped under rocks that were fallen by Chopov's new Sword of Gravity fasioned from iron mineral of the Caverns of Despair. Wyplash's plan was working the ninja had been defeated but were they defeated completely?

Chapter #4:Greed of the SkulkinEdit

Wyplash was overjoyed. He had proven that the Ninja could be defeated. This was just the exciting event his army needed to boost themselves. The army outside was now ready to attack Ninjago and overrun the surface world. Even though he had to promote four regular class skeletons to generals in the place of Nuckal and Kruncha, who got themselves trapped outside the underworld in a vain attempt to overtake the ninja, these four warrior class skulkin proved they're fighting talents much more valuable then the squabling duo of the leader class skulkin. Using materials that had been in contact with the golden weapons such as the atmosphere of the Floating ruins they had made perfect versions of they're own weapons. But wait...

Wyplash: What of the Underworld is that sound!?!?!

Wyplash walked outside the fortress to see his four generals fighting with the weapons power. Chopov sent Bonezai flying upward on a seperate chunk of rock using his Gravity Sword. Bonezai came down catching Chopov in a whirlwind, but both were knocked against a wall by a sonic blast from Krazi's Thunder Bone. But Frakjaw got the drop on Krazi by using his Magma Mace to bring a wall down on Krazi. The fight continued until Wyplash arrived and put them all on the ground using his flail.

Wyplash: WHAT ARE THE FOUR OF YOU DOING!?!?!?!?!?!?

Chopov: Well Wyplash, since we all defeated the Ninja, we were seeing which was the strongest to lead the final attack on Ninjago.

Wyplash: Is that so!?!?!?

All: Uh yeah, right, 'chuckles'

Wyplash: The reason you're generals instead of Nuckal and Kruncha is because they were always doing the exact same thing.

Krazi: Aw c'mon Wyplash-man! We totally left those Ninja in our dust.

Wyplash: If ninja were that easy to defeat then we would own the world by now. We need to stay together. We will now attack their monastary.

The Skulkin then mounted their vehicles and moved out. Finding the ruins of the monastary.

Frakjaw: Looks like someone beat us to burning down the ninja.

Chopov: Beat us to nothing! This has been charred since before we had our last encounter with them!

Bonezai: Dragon statue unharmed.

Bonezai then pushed the statue upward and hit the switch accidently activting the somewhat scarred but, functional training course.

Krazi:(cackling madly) So this is how they learned Spinjitzu.

Frakjaw: Now the secret's ours to learn!

Chapter #5: Living to Fight Another DayEdit

Cole awakened burried under a pile of rocks. He quickly flashed back to how the whole thing happened. He had gotten in a fight with Chopov, and was suprised to see him wielding a strange gravitic weapon. He still thought it would be easy to defeat the skeleton, so he didn't use his Earth Tornado. He couldn't reach the Sythe to dig himself out. If nobody found him then he would starve. He was hurting in so many areas... WAIT! There was a rumbling in the cavern. And it was getting closer. "This is the end." he thought as he braced himself for the impact. A tunnel suddenly burst open from under the ground. And when he looked he saw...

Cole: ROCKY!!!!!!

Earth Dragon: (SNORT)

Before Cole knew what happened Rocky had inhaled all of the earth that was on him.

Cole: Thanks Rocky... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole had been bruised by the falling rocks. He didn't have any broken bones, but boy did he hurt.

Cole: Rocky you think you can fly me back home?

Earth Dragon: (SNORT)

Cole though he was going to be laughed at when he got back. But when he got back he found that the rest of the crew had the exact same results. Zane was lying in bed with several hot water bottles around him and a blanket from being trapped in the ice too long. Jay was in bed with air sickness, and as for Kai. He was just fine.

Jay: Uhg. I feel terrible.

Zane: (SHIVER) You aren't as could as I am Jay.

Cole: Kai how come we all got major sickness and you didn't.

Kai: Just lucky I guess, but it was pretty hot on that ledge.

Jay: "It was pretty hot on that ledge." I entered and re-entered gravity. That doesn't go to well on the insides.

Nya: All right guys! I've got a pain killer for Cole, some hot chocolate for Zane, and a solid meal for Jay.

Jay: Gee, uh, thanks Nya.

Kai: Jay,(CHUCKLE) ever remember I told you to "back off"?

Zane: (CHUCKLE)I am afraid he has faulty memory.

Jay: I DO NOT!!!!!

Nya: Anyone mind telling me what's going on?

Kai: Just thinking in retrospect sis.

Cole: Well....At least we got the dragons back.

Wu: Yes, but not for long they have a few other things to take care of in the east. The Skulkin are raiding the countryside right now and were last seen around Jamonicai Village.

Kai: But Sensei! Three fourths of us are injured right now! What are we going to do?

Wu: Nya, when will they fully heal?

Nya: Zane and Cole by tommorow morning. Jay need at least 48 more hours to recover.

Wu: Alright. Cole, Zane, and Kai, you three are going with me to Jamonicai Village. Were going to repel the Skulkin, and Lloyd's going to help.

All: LLOYD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Cole: Are you kidding? He's the son of Garmadon!

Jay: If that's the case I'm going! Sick or not!

Nya: Jay Walker, you are staying in bed for the next 48 hours if I have to put a padlock on that piece of furniture!

Wu: Lloyd has shown great remorse since he unleased the Serpentine. I think as an ally he will be extremely powerful. We need someone to help us.

Cole: Alright, your the boss Sensei. I still don't like this though.

Chapter #6:Skulkin of SpinjitzuEdit

The Skulkin were raiding across the countryside of Ninjago. They had no goal in particular. They were just trying to attract the Ninja's attention. But they were starting to get impatient. Maybe the Ninja were dead after all. Or maybe the ninja were watching them planning their next move against them. They were now approaching Jamonicai Village and no one was in sight, besides local villagers.

Chopov: You know Bonezai, your power stinks.

Bonezai: It not!

Chopov: It does! I mean Air Spinjitzu, REALLY?

'Bonezai': I defeat Ninja with Air Spinjitzu.

Krazi: A Tornado made of Air, very creative. NOT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Frakjaw: Sizzle down all of you, we've got something to do.

Chopov: Who made you leader?!?!

Bonezai: Let's just focus on goal. Huh?

Other Skulkin: Right.

The Skulkin then charged the village unaware that Destiny's Bounty Hovered above.

Wu: Ready?

Ninja & Lloyd: Ready!

Lloyd: I can't believe this! You guys are actually letting me fight with you!

Zane: Well Lloyd you have matured some.

Kai: Well let's go.

Ninja:(Throw on masks)

Lloyd:(Throws on hood)

Wu & Ninja: HUH?

Lloyd: Gimme slack! If I don't have a mask I gotta act cool with something.

Kai: Sure whatever. Want to hitch a ride with me squirt?

Lloyd: Sure!

Wu: Cole, allow me!

Lloyd and Sensei Wu then cimbed into the Ninja's vehicles as they went over the side. They then landed on the ground in town square, before dismantling their vehicles.

Person #1: Look! It's the Ninja!

Person #2: And they have that brat with them!

Lloyd: Hey, hey, hey! Calm down! I'm trying to reform!

Cole: Uh, He's with us.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhh.

Kai: Skulkin Incomming!

Lloyd: Wait! What am I supposed to fight with?

Kai: Try this dagger. It's not heavy and has an age range of 6 and up.

Lloyd: Thanks I guess.

Chopov: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krazi: Who made you boss?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Frakjaw: Yeah! Who did.

Wu: Heh! Looks like their destracted.

Cole: It does doesn't.

Zane: Indeed

Kai: Let's push some bone-heads together!

'All'(Except Lloyd): NINJAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lloyd: Hey! Wait for me!

Chopov: I'm the strongest so maybe........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chopov got thrown across the village by Cole's Earth Tornado.

Kai: Take 'em by element again?

Cole: Sure! Chopov is mine, Zane you get Bonezai, Kai you have Frakjaw, Sensei, uh, what excactly is your element?

Wu: All of them, and I'll take Krazi.

Cole: Lloyd, you take their minions.

Lloyd: Way ahead of you Cole!(Lloyd said with several Skulkin bones lying broken in front of him.)

Cole: Alright I guess you're work here's done then.

Ninja: NINJAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ninja fought hard, but so did the Skulkin using their new Spinjitzu abilities. Although the Skulkin weren't to bad at Spinjitzu, but they were much less experienced then the Ninja and got defeated easily. The Ninja defeated them but, they called in their vehicles and attempted to defeat the Ninja in them, the Ninja were about to use their own vehicles when the enormous "Samurai" landed in the town square.

Samurai: Payback time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole: Payback time?

The Samurai fired several projectiles at the Skulkin vehicles effectively destroying three. The Skulkin then hopped onto the ATV and escaped. The Samurai then approached the Ninja and lifted his hand.

Cole: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Cole shouted as he knocked his Scythe into the ground sending the Samurai back.)

The Samurai hopped back into his mech and flew out.

Kai: Yeah! Go ahead! Run!

Lloyd: That was so fun! Can I get into more fights with you?

All: No!

Lloyd: Why not!

Zane: Well, you have potentiel Lloyd. You're just still to young to fight with us.

Lloyd: When will I be old enough?

Wu: Time will tell. But you did fill in well for Jay.

The Ninja then headed back to Destiny's Bounty proud of themselves. Cole also mentioned to Jay that they hadn't gotten gased by the Samurai twice. But as Cole said it he was unaware that Nya was listening and glaring at the same time.

Nya(Thinking): All I wanted to do is help! And he sends me flying backward! Then again I guess sleep gas isn't excactly a way to make friends. I'll have to help at a distance from now on. I wanna help but, I don't want them to hurt me thinking I'm their enemy.

Jay: Hmmm. I wonder. If there are light elements and dark elements. Is there also a Tornado of Destruction?

Wu: That is a frightning thought! If the Tornado of Destruction exists, we need to watch ourselves.

Zane:....Cause if the Tornado of Creation creates things from nothing, the Tornado of Destruction.

Kai:....Eliminates things to nothing.

Jay: Whoa! Wait! Like nothing as in empty space?

Wu: I'm afraid so.

Kai: Oh this sounds bad. Doesn't it Nya? Uh Nya? Nya?

Nya: Oh sorry, what are we talking about?

Lloyd: The possibility of a Tornado of Destruction.

Nya: Yeah. That does sound terrible.

Although the Ninja didn't know it that's exactly what Wyplash's next plan was. A Tornado of Destruction that could completely and effectively destroy any object in extistance.

Chapter #7: Just a DecoyEdit

The Skulkin had been defeated, they knew Spinjitzu but, not as well as the Ninja, but still they could do it. The four generals were back at the lair. They were trying to find Wyplash and report what had happened. Bonezai walked up to his mechanic/second-in-command Spark-Skull.

Bonezai: Spark-Skull! Where Wyplash?

Spark-Skull: He leave Underworld with Copter-Pack, shortly after you leave days back.

Frakjaw: Why would he leave here? He's sent us to the surface days back, to act as the raiding party.

Krazi: Why in the Underworld would he head for the surface if we know Spin... Wait a second. Spark-Skull how long after us did he leave?

Spark-Skull: You not me superior, Bonezai is.

Krazi: Alright Bonezai you ask him.

Bonezai: Why....

Spark-Skull: Few minutes.

Bonezai: I not finish.

Spark-Skull: I know what you ask, I just prefer to be ask by superior. Not other general.

Krazi: If I'm certain this means that he used us as a decoy! He wants to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master!

Chopov: Well then let's go and show him who the best Skulkin are! He might be able to defeat one of us but, not all of us! We'll be one and beat him like a rug!

The Skulkin then rode off in they're vehicles to the Monastary.

The Ninja were relaxing at Destiny's Bounty. Jay and Zane went swimming in the ocean waters while Kai & Cole talked on the deck, and Nya and Lloyd played Ping-Pong.

Nya: Beat 'ya again Lloyd!

Lloyd: Darn it! I can't even beat a girl!

Jay: Why don't you hang with the guys Lloyd? Bet I can dive longer then you!

Lloyd: YOU'RE ON!!!!!!(Jumps in)

Zane: Count me in!

Nya: You guys will compete over anything won't you?

Kai: Comes with the territory sis. Us guys love to compete.

Cole: Yeah. Kai and I are even betting over who we think will come up first.

Wu: Everyone get in here immediatly!

Kai, Cole, and Nya then ran into the Mission Room completely forgeting about the diving contest. Jay surfaced first, then Lloyd, then Zane.

Zane: I win!

Lloyd: Yeah but, I came in came in second.

Jay: Hey where'd Nya, I mean everybody go?

Meanwhile Inside...

Wu: Where are Zane, Jay, and Lloyd.

Kai/Cole/Nya: Oh shoot!

The group then went outside and help the three onto the boat before returning inside.

Wu: The Skulkin have exitted the Underworld again. This time they're heading for the Monastary's ruins.

Kai: Well then let's cut 'em off before they get there!

The Ninja the got into they're suits materialized they're vehicles and after being dropped off on the shore by the ship, sped off to cut off the Skulkin.

The Skulkin were nearing the Mountains of Despair, and were starting to plan they're attack. Krazi would move upward first and blow the ruins off the map with his missiles, Chopov would break down the doors with the turbo shreader, Frakjaw would catch Wyplash, and Bonezai would take back Wyplash on the ATV. They arrived at the Monastary and saw Wyplash practicing individual Spinjitzu abilities. Although his most powerful was Air, he could preform a little bit of them all. But he couldn't preform all of them combined. As Wyplash practiced the Generals watched.

Chapter #7: Clash of the Skulkin

The Generals decided that they would confront Wyplash directly, all of them used they're vehicle's ability on the ruins/Wyplash. Wyplash repelled every attack knocking the generals out of they're vehicles.

Wyplash: I suspected you would come.

Chopov: You used us!

Wyplash: I knew that if I didn't do something you would eventually overthrow me! Now let's head home if your willing to listen or we can duke it out with Spinjitzu.

Frakjaw: Well shall we challenge our "master"?

Krazi: Yes, hehhehheh. I believe we shall.

Bonezai: I think we become next rulers.

Chopov: You can't defeat our combined might!

Wyplash(Thinking): I sure hope they don't form a Tornado of Destruction

Luckily for him they didn't even think about it. They just attacked him from different directions with each of they're abilities. They had him surronded and were spinning towards him with they're abilities. But he pulled his flail on them. They didn't know it but, his flail was elementally enhanced, it now had the power of Air within itself. He first redirected the magma back towards Frakjaw, then absorbed the Air from Krazi's area using an air tornado, making his sound power useless. He then sent Chopov and Bonezai flying back with a sonic tornado. After stunning the group he pulled them towards himself with a gravity tornado, and grabbed two of them in each hand.

Wyplash: Now listen you stoneheads! I am remaining top dog! And we are heading back to the Underworld!

Frakjaw: One problem with that plan!

Wyplash: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

Frakjaw: The Ninja are comming!

And he was right. The group was comming in hard with they're vehicles up the side of the mountain.

Wyplash: You divert them! I'm heading back to the Underworld.

Generals: YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!

Wyplash attached the copter-pack to his back and dived down at increasing speed, warping to the Underworld. The Generals jumped into they're vehicles, and Krazi used the cage on his Helicopter as a claw, grabbing onto the other vehicles and hoisting them to the ground below. They then waited in ambush for the Ninja, as Cole lead them back down the side of the mountain.

Cole: Never seen a Chopper do that before.

Jay: I'll fly over the mountain and wait for you there.

Jay flew to the other side of the mountain only to be ambushed by the Generals. Jay retreated but, was being pursued by Krazi.

Krazi: Hold still!

Krazi chased Jay through a cloud only to loose him. But Jay reappeared behind him and fired several blasts, damaging his rotor and causing him to fall. Knowing that if he didn't fall fast enough he wouldn't return to the Underworld he intentionally fell faster and warped away.

Kai circled around the mountain only to be taken from behind, by Frakjaw on the Skul Motorbike. Knowing that he was being followed Kai preformed a quick spin, and rammed into Frakjaw. The Skull Bike was flying at such a high speed that it warp down to the Underworld at the same time.

Zane used a pass to get over to the other side. Once over he saw Bonezai comming in fast behind him, and left a trail of Ice behind him causing Bonezai to Spin out on the ATV, and hit a rock before warping.

Cole came through the mountain and was met by Chopov in the Turbo Shredder. He quickly smashed the Shredder with his Stone Missile, and approached the wreckage.

Chopov: You think you have won? HA, Molecular deforming!(Chopov said as he hit a button on the dash-board, which teleported him out of the natural realm.)

The Ninja met back together and headed home. They told the rest of the group that they had dealt with the Skulkin since they couldn't escape the Underworld with they're vehicles damaged. And they felt proud of themselves. But in the Underworld things weren't well. Wyplash was meeting with a dark enity, and the two of them were plotting they're next attack.

Wyplash: The Engineers are repairing the vehicles and building a Spinjitzu training course down here, if a Tornado of Destruction exists it will be ours to master.

Skulkin Dictator: Good. What of the Ninja's Golden Weapons?

Wyplash: This will take time. But, soon enough the ninja will fall along with this "Samurai."

Skulkin Dictator: And if the fabled "Green Ninja" interveins?

Wyplash: He won't it seems he's far from being discovered.

Skulkin Dictator: Excellent. And once I get the Golden Weapons I will become all powerful! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • The title's inspiration comes from the title of a Sony video game.(Rachet & Clank: Tools of Destruction)
  • The Golden Weapons of Destruction are the Skeleton's normal weapons, enhanced with materials related to the normal Golden Weapons.(Chopov, adding minerals from the Caverns of Despair onto the Golden Dark Blade.)
  • The line "Jingle, Jingle, THWAP!" is insprired by LEGO Club Magazine's quote on Krazi.(Jingle, Jingle, ZAP!)
  • X-Station is a spoof on two gaming systems in existance.(PlayStation & XBox)
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