Story told by N.E.R1508, and also a story about the Black Earth Ninja, Cole.


Long before ancient Ninjago...there was an island made, just for snakes and serpents. The First Spinjitzu Master made it out of solid rock, but kept it truly hidden. And so, he placed lots of serpents and snakes on it to live on...and then made two rulers of them all: Rhomeo and Juliet. They watched over the snakes and serpents with care, trying to make their lives safer, and easier....that is until, Juliet was about to have three children. She almost didnt make it, for she was sick...but by the help of her mother, Madamm Hooch, she did, and had three children. They all were healthy, except for the second boy. The boy was born with a weak heart which could affect his whole life, and so, despite his faitul injury...he lived a happy life with his mom, dad, and brother and sister....that is until, one day...the older brother became jealous. It seems, his younger brother, the one with the weak heart, made the older one jealous somehow...and so, he grew his fangs and bit himself. Once he did, he turned evil, and mad...attacking everyone on the island....until the youngest fought him. Although he defeated him, the older one came back, and they grew into another in which the younger one lost. And so, his family, the youngers whole family, was killed...and so he had no choice but to run away....

But he still lived.

Chapter 1: Painful NightmareEdit

It was night. The full Moon shown highly up in the night sky...and bats flew out of their caves on a hunt. Destiny's Bounty, home of the team of Ninjas, was quiet as everyone was in bed sleeping...well, not every Ninja was asleep. Inside the room were everyone slept, there was still one person tossing and turning as he layed on his bed. It was Cole, Black Ninja of Earth and leader of the whole team. He seemed to be in pain, for he, nonstop kept struggling in his bed...but what really was bothering him was his dream:

Help me! Dont worry, brother! I'll save you! A boy with shaggy black hair was helping another boy with black smooth hair get away from a giant beast. How do we kill it? We cant...we need to outsmart it. The two boys approached the beast as it neared, then the shaggy-haired one picked up a dagger from the floor, and faced him. Get away from me and my brother, you beast! The beast roarred and lunged forward to the two boys, who were backing away slowly. Brother, give up! Its no use on- NO! We need to fight this thing! Finally, the shaggy-haired one jumped up did a midair somersault and landed on the beasts back. The boy threw back his dagger and planted it into the beasts skin. The beast shrieked, and collapsed onto the ground, dead. The shaggy-haired boy jumped off of it, and met up with his brother. How? I dont know...I just felt like doing it... No, I did you find the courage on fighting it? Well, maybe sometimes we need to toughen up a bit... When mom finds out, she'll freak! You know she doesnt like it when you fight, since you have a poor heart....

Cole sat up wide awake, his heart was pounding really fast, and his head was hot. He looked to his right to see the sun was morning. The next to wake up was Jay, Blue Ninja of Lightning. " Hey, Cole...sleep well?" he asked. Cole didnt know what to say, but he just tagged along and lied. " Yeah..." he finally said. Soon, everyone was awake, Zane was the one who woke up the two 'twins'. ( A.K.A: Rahja and Kai) " it morning already?" groaned Kai. Rahja awoke after him, then Lloyd, Andrea, Lily, Jaz, Thorn, Nya, and Harry did as well. " we wont have any energy to fight now that we're all up..." muttered Harry, Kai, Andrea, Lily, Nya , and Rahja's brother. So, as soon as they got up, they all went down to eat and then get to training on the deck. " Do we always have to get up, this early?" Jaz asked her brother, Zane. " Yep. Sensei demands it." he replied. Soon, Sensei came up to the deck to where all the Ninja were training. " Good, you got up early as I said..." the aged master spoke. " Yeah, and we almost passed out in doing so..." Rahja grunted, Kai laughed. Sensei gave Rahja a look, and then he walked back inside, the others kept onto their training. When it was over, Cole was the only one left on the deck...still thinking about his dream. What does it mean? he thought. The black-clad Ninja looked up at the roof of the Bounty, where five Owls sat. One was dark blue by the name of Jackie, Jay's pet and companion ( as human); the next one was red with flames all over, Ora, Rahja, Kai, Andrea, Nya, Lily, and Harry's pet; next one was one with brown and white spots, Errol, Cole's pet and messanger; next one was one with white feathers as well as black, Hewig, Zane's pet; and last one was one made purely out of water, KaiWai, messanger of Jaz and pet of her and Zane. They seemed to be playing happily, Cole laughed, but then frowned rethinking his dream. Which one had the weak heart? Who was the other boy?' Cole stood there and wondered about his confusing dream, as Sensei watched with deep concern.

Chapter 2: Major HeadacheEdit

Cole kept staring off into the blue sky, when his head starting hurting again...thus making have another dream vision:

Hey Dad! Yeah, Son? Do you want to race me and the others? Sure! Let me just change into my trousers...

Ok, now ready, set, GO! A young girl, and the two boys facing the beast from before racing against a young man who had brown, sherlock hair. It looks like the black raven-haired one won. Haha! (Pant) Goodgame, son! Goodgame... Yeah...but take it easy next might damage yourself...

" Cole...may I have a word with you?" Sensei asked. Cole snapped out of his dream and looked up at his master...he noticed he showed a look of concern on his face. Cole felt his head, he then responded, " Yeah, sure Sensei..." Sensei and Cole went inside the Bounty, and went into Sensei's room. Sensei sat Cole down and he began to speak. " I've noticed you've been having some....dream visions lately..." he said. " Yeah...when it all started...yes, I have..." Cole replied. Sensei poured a cup of Tea for himself and Cole, he took his cup and sipped. " Yes, but...have they been causing you, pain?" Sensei asked. Cole looked up at his master, his amber eyes showing concern, he hated when people worried about him, he just did. " Umm, what do you mean?" he asked. " I mean..." the aged master spoke. " I have seen you suffering during your sleep, and also just now outside...I think you need to find out what is going on in your mind...because if you dont might suffer badly from this..." Cole looked up at him and nodded. He then walked outside to where the roof of the Bounty was. Once he got there, the Owls were gone, must have flew off, and he sat to think. What can I do'?' he thought. If I dont find out what's going on in my brain...I'll suffer so much, I'll probably drop into a coma! Cole decided to find out what's in his head. So he stood up on the roof, and spread his ginormous wings and flew up, Sensei watched him. " Good luck..." he muttered. Cole flew off towards Ninjago City to see if he could find anything. He landed in the dark alley's, and he turned back. He walked around for a bit, it seemed dark, gloomy, and lonely. Cole felt cold by the afternoon breeze, he shuddered at the wind blowing against his pale face. " Where can I find- His thoughts were interupted by his head feeling dizzy, he dropped to the floor, and felt his head. Before he even had time to get up he gasped and saw another vision:

Get away you freak! A skeleton warrior was about to grab the raven-haired boy but he hit him and ran. The raven-haired boy kept running until he tripped. He sprained his ankle. The raven-haired boy tried to get back, but the skeleton warrior caught up to him and lifted him onto a Skull Truck...

Cole gasped for breath, his mind had a major headache caused by the vision he had just occured. His head went numb, his legs fell asleep, he could not get up...soon, he blacked-out.

Chapter 3: When his friends find him...Edit

Cole layed there, unconcious, but while he did, he had another vision:

The raven-haired boy backed away from the tigers, they were about to strike when another skeleton warrior came up to them and snatched the boy and a baby tiger.

The boy unlocked the crate and the baby tiger was free, leaving the boy alone trapped in his crate until the baby tiger came back with help. They unlocked his crate, and they took him out of the dark place.

The boy's ankle was still sprained, but the tigers healed it, and he spent time with them.

His vision ended, and then he heard three voices.

" Are you sure he didnt run away? I mean, he could've you know..."

" I'm sure, Jay..." " I mean, the only time he ran away from us was when he was turning into a serpent..."

" I sense his presence nearby...he must be close...."

Cole felt like waking up, but he couldnt, soon his head hurt, and a pain shot down to his leg. He groaned.

" Hey, did you hear that?"

" It sounded like-"

" Cole!"

He heard footsteps running toward him. " Cole! Please! Wake up!" shouted a voice that belonged to Jay. " Whats wrong with him?" this time, Kai spoke. " I'm not sure...but I sense that he's hurt..." this one sounded like Zane.

" Cole...please!" Jay shouted again, he was shaking him.

Soon, the headache came back again and Cole soon woke up panting. He looked at his friends who had a look of concern on their faces. He felt dizzy again. " Cole, whats wrong?" Kai asked. " I'm not sure...ow..." Cole replied feeling his head. " Umm, Cole? You sure ya alright?" Jay asked looking shocked by something. " Umm, yes...why?" Cole asked. Jay pointed at Cole's leg, there was a peice of a broken fang in it, he gaped. " What happened?" Kai asked. " I told you, I'm not sure...ow..." Cole felt his head again. " Is there something going on?" Zane asked. " I mean, first, I heard you you struggling few nights ago...and-" " Wait! Few nights ago?!" Cole yelled. " Yeah, Cole do you remember anything?" Kai asked. " Uhh, no...I've been knocked out for-" " Two weeks! TWO WEEKS!!!" Jay screamed. Cole gaped at his friends, except Zane, who was trying to pull out the broken fang stuck in his leg. " What!!!!!????!!! It felt like 1 hour!"

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