From left: Alan, Dexter, Nick

Two generations after the days of Kai, Cole, Wu, etc., there remains the need for ninja. Thus, Lloyd, now a wise Sensei, has trained new Elemental Masters to form a new team of heroes.


  • Nick, grandson of Kai and Master of Fire, is the unofficial leader of the team. He is an easygoing type and is calm under pressure.
  • Dexter, Master of Shadow, is indisputably the best ninja of the team, as well as the most handsome. Always training harder, he always puts in 110%.
  • Alan, a Nindroid constructed by Zane and P.I.X.A.L. and wielding the power of Ice, is the team's information resource and mechanic. He tends to be cold (pun not intended) and is not very athletic, but is still a good friend and invaluable asset to his organic comrades.


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