Pythor opened his eyes in shock as his head lay on the lunch table.

It was the Snake's version of April Fools, " Snake Prank Day." Pythor had cancelled this holiday, due to getting many complaints about whoope cushions or squirting flowers. Plus, it was just plain annoying.

Today was also the day that Lord Garmadon would be the Snake's Chef For A Day. He had made a soup with chicken, carrots, and of course, noodles. It had tasted better than the stewed prunes that Llyod used to make.

Since Pythor ate it 10 minutes ago, his stomach had hurt, his head throbbed, and his eyes felt all watery. This wasn't usual. Sure, this happened when Snakes got a disease called Akrotumbis, but that hasn't been around since January.

Skales, the leader of the Hypnobrai and second in command, just got the soup. He always sat with Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicous, and Pythor. He had noticed Pythor's painful expression.

" Uh, hey." said Skales. Pythor replied by waving. The other Snake generals had looks on their faces. PUZZLED looks, that is.

"Uh, Pythor? Are you feeling okay? You look a little ssssick." said Skales. " I... I'm okay." Pythor weakly said. " You ssssure, Pythor? You sssserioussssly look green." said Skalidor.

Just hearing the word " green" made Pythor think of two things: Acidicous and... vomit.

Just then, lunch had sailed by. It was time to go the Snake Fitness Station " S.F.S.." You may notice that the Palace of Snakes was like a school for the Serpentine. It was really a daily schedule made by the Generals.

S.F.S. was usually Pythor's favorite thing to do. Today, though, he felt as if he was a victim of Llyod Garmadon's Spinjitzu.

Today was his least favorite sport: DOGDEBALL! Commence dark music!


" Alright, foolssss! Time to get into sssshape! Who knowssss the rulessss of dodgeball?" yelled out Lizaru, the instructor.

As he tried to raise his hand, Pythor noticed Skales smug expression.Besides being second in command and buddies with Pythor, in dodgeball, he was the rival to Pythor.

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