The Laxip Ice is an object appears only in Ninjago: The Eternal Chaos.

It's appearance is a large ice block with dark sky blue with small amount of transparent

= Backstory

At the time during Season 4: Master of Tournaments Master Chen sold P.I.X.A.L.'s scrapped body to Dr. Xoid in order when Chen doesn't need it anymore. Dr. Xoid knew her chip was gone, taken by Zane (but Zane didn't knew about the plan), taking 3 months for Ataymoz to create a evil chip for her scrapped body. Kruzvit rebuilds her body, and reprogrammed her personality. Numbers of tests failed, but Kruzvit found a problem, her artificial intelligence and voice wetr corrupted(by her problematic chip), so Dr. Xoid helped Kruzvit and Ataymoz to fix it and it became successful. Dr. Xoid froze her until the Ninja came, codenamed it "PXL-LXP", and named it "Laxip". They kept the ice block in a very cold area, (in that world, Samurai X 2018 lost in a very warped area). On first episode of second season of Ninjago: The Eternal Chaos, The Laxip Ice was unfrozen, much to the Ninja's shock (especially Zane).


It was used to create a plan to Destory Ninja.


  • Dr. Xoid (creator/owner)


  • The name of the ice makes sense if P.I.X.A.L. was frozen in it, since "pixal" is "Laxip" in backwards.
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