Past owners

Hana A. Suzuki- 1997-2001

Aika K. Suzuki- 1975-1997

Mercedes Victoria Orisan-657-645

Asumi M. Suzuki- 1805-1820

Current Owner: Sakura R. Suzuki


The Katana of Form, is an ancient Katana passed out through generations of the Suzuki Clan. The first owner was actually the CREATOR of the Katana: Mercedes Victoria Orisan, she wasn't originally a Suzuki but later married a Suzuki named Akihiro Hirofumi Suzuki. Who passed it down to their Daughter: Asako R. Suzuki, who passed it down to her son and after 7 Generations, ended up causing A WAR called "The War of the Blade" Between The Suzuki Clan and The Kimber Clan, The Suzuki Clan won, and they kept the Katana. Hundred's of years later, and Hana gave it to one of her daughters, Sakura R. Suzuki, unaware of the war between the Kimber Clan and the Suzuki Clan, she also eventually became close with Chloe P. Moisson, a descendant of the Kimber Clan.


A Golden Katana with purple ameythysts on the handle.


The Katana of Form can turn any object or person into something else.

Where is it now?

Sakura's older brother Riku Suzuki, stole it while Sakura was at Chen's island, she didn't get it back until season 8 when she sees it lost in the back alley.

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