“Its actually peaceful here, weird.”

— Jay

The Edge of the Realm is the seventh episode of Season 13.

It aired on April 18 worldwide on Cartoon Network as part of "Into the Realms Part 3"


Wu finds out where the ninja are, while the Ninja, Ice Samurai, and Pyro Snakes battle for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, who will win?

Episode Transcript

In ninjago

Wu - Mistake, how are you alive?

Mistake - The Alpha has brought back all the oni, INCLUDING ME. But I am still not bad.

Wu - I need to ask you, where are my ninja, I have not seen them since they attempted to fight the Dark Spinjitzu Master and got put in jail.

Mistake - I knew you would come to me.

Mistake - Your ninja are stranded in the Kingdom of Peace, which has been invaded by Ice Samurai and Pyro Snakes, constantly at war, all three of them are searching for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, so they can return.

Wu - Where is this "Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu?"

Mistake - Located in the Village of Peace, also known as the Edge of the Realm, the one place that has not been invaded by the Pyro Snakes and Ice Samurai, the Samurai, Snakes and Ninja are racing to this village, to find the scroll of forbidden spinjitzu, and return to ninjago, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Wu - You did not have to yell but whatever.

The Kingdom of Peace

Kai - We are here, the Edge of the Realm.

Jay - Its actually peaceful here, weird.

Kai - No sign of the scroll and the snakes and samurai.

Lloyd - I found it! The scroll of forbidden spinjitzu.

Ice Emperor - Thank you for finding our scroll.

Aspheera - Nope, its ours.

Zane - Its time for the battle of the scroll.

Aspheera - FIRE

Ice Emperor - ICE!

General Vex - Fire AND ice only creates water, its useless!

Ice Emperor - RUN, I GOT THE SCR-

Aspheera - Fire!!!

Cole - and that is ours now-

Ice Emperor - Ice!!!

Zane - I might be able to duplicate the scroll, I just need to hold the real scroll.

Jay - Got it!!

General Vex - ICE

Kai - Okay, lets read, alright, I KNOW FORBIDDEN SPINJITZU.


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