The Decimator

The Decimator was just a child living in Ninjago when he heard the tales of the Serpentine. As soon as he was 18, he took his replica Snake Staff, went to the Paradox Lab on Avant Gardens, and asked for an "Upgrade". He got what he asked for and got incredible strengt, two extra limbs, and high tech blasters attached to them. Decimator then set out for his dream, which was to control the Serpentine, take over Ninjago, then take over the Lego Universe itself! Decimator has not yet been found by the Ninja, but so far, he controls the Hypnobrai and the Venomari, so he had better get caught soon! But, whether the Ninja will be able to defeat him is very questionable because he maybe currently residing with Zavok.


The Decimator growing up


Back Detail

Building Pieces:

Lego Star Wars General Greivous and Super Battle Droid

Lego Minifigures Hockey Player, Alien, and Pharoah

Lego Ninjago - any two snake staffs

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