The Blue Ninja is Nya.It's not Jay.It's elements are Lighting,Fire and Earth.The Blue Ninja wears a ZX Ninja Suit.

The Tale of the Blue NinjaEdit

One time,a giant servant of the Great Devouerer attacked Ninjago. The Blue Ninja fought it with the Green Ninja. The Green Ninja went in the devover's mouth and threw daggers down his throat. Zane also helped. He freezed the Devover,so it wouldn't eat Lloyd.The Blue Ninja threw daggers at his weak spot and fighted the devover with the Sword of Fire.All of the Devovers have a weak spot.This one's was on it's neck.Then,the Blue Ninja got it! He shot the weak spot. The Devover disappeared after that."We did it Lloyd." said the Blue Ninja."Next time,we will find out the Devover's weak spot and try to get it. Not throwing daggers down his throat. He can eat anything."