Terven's Story is a story about Terven's army and it's rise to power, written by ThePurpleDragonNinja. More chapters will be posted soon.


This story takes place during Ninjago's Golden Age, when the Serpentine were free and ruled Ninjago.


The main characters are Terven, the leader of the army, Averal, his best friend, Krinaz, Terven's bodyguard and two soldiers in Terven's army, Sereav and Noxos. Several unnamed human civilians are also mentioned, along with Viter, who was the Anacondrai general at the time.


Apart from Averal's tank, no other vehicles are mentioned.


Terven sat. Sitting isn't really the appropriate word for a snake. Half-lying was more like it. Around him were gathered several young Serpentine. As they fidgetted, he spoke.

"All of you have heard of the beginnings of the Serpentine and their glory days in the golden age of Ninjago. Some of you may have heard about a great Serpentine army in that time. However, none of you know what happened to the army."

Terven paused suddenly as he was interrupted by a small Serpentine, chatting away excitedly.

"I know what happened to them. A giant falcon carried them away!"

Terven continued.

"No, young one. I am here to tell you the tale of the army, from it's formation, it's conquests and adventures to it's end. That is the reason why you are gathered here."

He paused for a second, deep in thought, then continued.

"I was the leader of that army."

Chapter 1Edit

"Now, when the first spinjitzu master created Ninjago, he also unintentionally created the Serpentine. We started out as slightly more intelligent than normal Vipers. Later, when more creation energy was unleashed by the first spinjitzu master, we fed on it, turning into the larger and more intelligent creatures of today. However, around the time that happened, a lot of Vipers were kept in human laboratories to study and experiment on. Most of these died, but a few, or rather, a few hundred, were transformed into tailed, general-class snakes. Among these were Averal, Krinaz, Sereav, Noxos... and me."

Chapter 2Edit

"We decided to take revenge on the humans by escaping and destroying their laboratory. Once outside, we faced another problem: how to get out of the city. We needn't have worried, because once the people saw us they figuratively turned tail and ran. Once we had managed to safely get to the Sea of Sand, we decided to stick together to fight off any humans who might decide to attack us. In the struggle for leadership that followed, I emerged victorious. However, I faced a number of problems, first and foremost being where we should stay. I commanded the army to build a city out of stone. I named it... Ourobouros."

Chapter 3Edit

"The first part of the city to be constructed was the tunnels, put in place so we could hide and enable ourselves to transport materials without disturbing the workers above. The Serpentine who dug these tunnels were similar to the Constrictai of today; they were strong and best suited to caverns. The ones who built the buildings were those with more eccentric powers, like levitation. Soon, the city was completed and to celebrate, we held a month-long Slitherpit competition."

Chapter 4Edit

"However, those stationed at the city's walls let their guard down to watch, and soon several humans had invaded the city. They fought well, and unlike with earlier attempts, we didn't manage to hypnotize them as we had always done before. They escaped, and we all knew that once they reached the cities they would create an army to get rid of us. We decided that if we wanted to survive, we would have to strike first. By this time we had been joined by several groups of normal Serpentine, of the types seen today. Of each of these groups, we awarded the strongest one leadership and a golden staff filled with anti-venom, used to make other Serpentine immune to their powers. Soon, we were ready for the assault..."

Chapter 5Edit