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General description

Every villain has a good and every hero has a bad, Tao was born of both the First spinjitzu Master and the Overlord. Although being part oni and dragon, he has no control over creation and destruction, but rather the power of Balance


After garmadon's birth, the First spinjitzu Master protected him from Overlord, as they fought, a new life was created. Tao. Although believed for the First Spinjitzu master to have defeated the Overlord, it was his son Tao that had gave Overlord a good heart. Shortly after Tao said he had to go and restore other threats of Ninjago, he never came back. The Overlord became bad again and fought with Ninjago.

Tao roughly known garmadon and wu and fought beside both of them in the Great Serphentine War.

He and the First spinjitzu master created spinjitzu together, shortly after garmadon was born.


He is the weapon.


Garmadon and Wu's half brother.

Middle child of the First spinjitzu Master's family

Overlord's Son

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