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Taipei 101 (also known as the Taipei Tower), is the tallest building in Taipei. The Heart of Sorna is hidden in its vaults.

History Edit

Ninja 101 Edit

The Ninja went into the tower to find the Heart of Sorna.

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Notable Locations Edit

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Tuned Mass Damper Edit

The tuned mass damper is used to determine typhoons.


Feng Shui Fountain Edit

This fountain is outside of the tower, and can be a doorway to the vaults


Observatory Edit

The observatory is on 91F, looking over Taiwan, at 391.8 meters (1285 feet).


Vaults Edit

The vaults are under the tower, where many Chinese artifacts are found, including the Heart of Sorna from the house from ancient times in Chengdu.


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Ninjago: Realms of Death Edit

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