Shawn is a minor protagonist in Ninjago. He is Lloyd's maternal cousin, nephew of Misako and the son of Yang and Armidala. As a boy, he often visited his cousin at the monastery and used to secretly roam around the monastery's secret basement, a room only Crux and Garmadon knew about.


The Curse of Iscara

Lloyd and Misako find Shawn while they are visiting the monastery. He explains to them how he found the secret room and accompanies his aunt and cousin on the way back to Sensei Wu's academy.

The Prison of Death

He and Lloyd find Risto, Crux and Alber Sauron hanging around an alleyway. They see a portal open and jump in after them. Staying well hidden, they observe what is going on in the dark place they arrived at: The Dark Heaven. Later, they exited through the same portal and warned Misako about what they had found.

The Council of Elders

Shawn watches as Lloyd tries to free the Ninja, but disappears when the latter fails. He decides to search the prison, but Misako gets captured.

Shadow Travel

Shawn spies on Iscara while she is talking to Risto. When she leaves, he launches an attack on Risto and his army. He manages to defeat most of them, but Risto reports there has been a break in and disappears using the power of Shadow. Shawn finds the red Portal Key in the ground and starts to study it until Crux appears and he hides from him. He later finds the blue and purple Portal Keys on different sides of the Dark Heaven.

The Final Reunion

​After defeating some guards, Shawn manages to retrieve the white Portal Key. When Crux realises it is gone he has a fight with him and easily defeats him with Spinjitzu. However he later manages to escape using Airjitzu. He then gives the four Portal Keys to KaiColeJay and Zane.

Queen of Darkness

​Shawn fights with the Ninja (who have their new weapons) and frees Misako. He escapes at the end as well.

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