Season 1: Masters of Spinjitzu is the first season of LEGO Ninjago (Earth-87). Lord Garmadon serves as the main antagonist, leading an army of Skulkin. There is no focus ninja.

This season is based on the Pilot Episodes and Episodes 1-6 from Season 2 of the official LEGO Ninjago series, but it takes place in Earth-87, a place where the characters adopt their personalities and events play like in Earth Prime, but plot and character development occur slightly differently.


Thirty-five years after Garmadon was banished to the Underworld, Skulkin armies raid Ninjago and Sensei Wu realizes he cannot protect Ninjago alone, so he assembles a young group of four ninjas (Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole) to fight them.


  • Wu
  • Kai
  • Jay
  • Zane
  • Cole
  • Garmadon
  • Samukai
  • Kruncha
  • Nuckal
  • Wyplash
  • First Spinjitzu Master
  • Oni Man
  • Oni Woman
  • The Dragon
  • Firstbourne
  • Mistaké
  • Din
  • Barry
  • Cliff Gordon
  • Edna Walker
  • Julien
  • Nya
  • Jang
  • Gayle Gossip
  • The Omega
  • Oni Warrior


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode Name Air Date
1 1
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E1 Title Card
"Battle Between Brothers" January 14, 2011
2 2
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E2 Title Card
"Way of the Ninja" January 21, 2011
3 3
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E3 Title Card
"Some Assembly Required" January 28, 2011
4 4
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E4 Title Card
"The Golden Weapons" February 4, 2011
5 5
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E5 Title Card
"King of Shadows" February 11, 2011
6 6
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E6 Title Card
"Realm of Madness" February 25, 2011
7 7
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E7 Title Card
"Darkness Shall Rise" March 4, 2011
8 8
Ninjago Earth-87 S1E8 Title Card-0
"Checkmate" March 11, 2011
9 9
NInjago Earth-87 S1E9 Title Card
"Breakout" March 18, 2011
10 10 TBA March 25, 2011


Focus Characters

Despite there being no specific character in focus, some characters get spotlight in multiple episodes.

  • The First Spinjitzu Master gets focus in Episode 1 as he creates Ninjago.
  • Wu is focused in Episode 1 for his relationship with Garmadon, Episode 2 when he finds each ninja, Episode 5 when he faces Samukai, and Episode 6 when he consults Nya's anger with Mistaké.
  • Garmadon is focused in Episode 1 for his relationship with Wu.
  • Kai is focused in Episode 2 during his origin, Episode 4 when he claims the Sword of Fire, and Episode 6 when he is blinded temporarily.
  • Jay is focused in Episode 2 during his origin.
  • Zane is focused in Episode 2 during his origin, Episode 6 when he reads an ancient Ninjagan scripture to the other Ninja, and Episode 7 when he claims he was an orphan.
  • Cole is focused in Episode 2 during his origin and in Episode 4 when he uses the Scythe of Quakes to defeat the Earth Dragon.
  • Nya is focused in Episode 2 during her origin and capture, Episode 4 when Kai rescues her, and Episode 6 when she gets angry at Wu.
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