“A Ninja Never Quit, What My Friends Always Said”

— Lloyd Said To Misako
LEGO WilFilm Heroes Reunited Is Connected With Tales Of Ninjago, There are No Main Characters Due To Unlimited Set Waves. This Takes Place After Tournaments Of Elements.

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Episodes Edit

11 Minutes

Average Runtime Edit

22 Minutes

Title Series Numerical# Season Number# Images Air Date
The Tournament 1 1 June 1st 2020
Wicked Potential 2 2 June 4th 2020
Know Your Enemy.... 3 3 June 6th 2020
Pythor's Revenge/ 1 Hour Sequence 4 4 June 10th 2020
Quests and Adventures 5 5 June 14th 2020
An Decision To Your Mind 6 6 June 23rd 2020

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Release YearEdit

Early Or Mid-2020

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