“You invented a cursed videogame that sucks people inside when they click play! Then when they leave, videogame monsters follow.”

Season 16: Videogame Mayhem is preceded by Season 15 and succeeded by Season 17. Lloyd is the focus ninja. Lord Malvagioco served as the main antagonist, but later in the season, it was revealed the Dark Spinjitzu Master was the true main antagonist. The Videogame Monsters serve as this season's villanous faction. This is the seventh season and ninth installment of Emperor Garmadon's Series.

This takes place on Earth-101, a world where the darkness, Lord Garmadon speaks about in the finale of Hunted is not the Oni, it is past villains from the first 2 seasons of Ninjago Returning.

This season is somewhat based on the leaks we got for Season 12 in July 2019. It is also slightly based on Nintendo's game, "Super Mario Bros."

Correct Season 12 Predictions

Note: This was created when the leaks in July 2019 were revealed. In October 2019, a leaked plot was revealed. THIS IS JUST A COINCEDENCE

  • There would be a cursed videogame that would suck you inside.


A mysterious man in disguise as Cyrus Borg creates a new Videogame console called the "NinjaTendo DS" which is a cursed videogame that will suck you inside (Nobody knows it is cursed), and you will have to defeat the boss to find your way out.


  • 70708 Battle of Digital Aspheera
  • 70709 Castle of Mini Malvagioco
  • 70710 Game Market
  • 70711 Castle of Lord Malvagioco


  • Kai
  • Jay
  • Zane
  • Cole
  • Lloyd
  • Nya
  • Lord Malvagioco
  • Mini Malvagioco
  • Aspheera (Digital)
  • Skeleton Mummy 1
  • Skeleton Mummy 2
  • Skeleton Mummy 3


Season Ep


Series Ep


Image Episode Name Airdate
1 142 "NinjaTendo DS" August 1, 2019
2 143 "Enter the Videogame" August 1, 2019
3 144 "Revenge!" August 3, 2019
4 145 "Everyone Inside" August 3, 2019
5 146 "Castle of Mini Malvagioco" August 5, 2019
6 147 "Halfway Boss Battle" August 5, 2019
7 148 "News Report" August 5, 2019
8 149 "Is that It?" August 5, 2019
9 150 "Out of the Videogame" August 6, 2019
10 151 "Return of the Dark Spinjitzu Master" August 6, 2019

Narrators (In episode order)

  1. Cyrus Borg
  2. Wu
  3. Aspheera
  4. Antonia
  5. Mini Malvagioco
  6. Cole
  7. Gayle Gossip
  8. Jay
  9. Lloyd
  10. Zane


  • Ninjatendo DS is a play on the words Nintendo DS and Ninjago
  • Malvagioco is a play on the Italian Words for "Evil" (Malvagio) and "Game" (Gioco)

Focus Characters

  • Lloyd and Nya were the focus characters of this season.


  • All the ninja were this season's heroes.
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