“We wouldn't be even here if JAY didn't build that time machine!”

Cole to Jay

Season 15: Back in Time is preceded by Season 14 and succeeded by Season 16. Jay is the focus character. The main antagonists and villainous factions switched every episode. It is the sixth season and eighth installment of Emperor Garmadon's Series.

This takes place on Earth-101, a world where the darkness, Lord Garmadon speaks about in the finale of Hunted is not the Oni, it is past villains from the first 2 seasons of Ninjago Returning.

This season is not based on any real NINJAGO season, it is a completely custom story.


The ninja try to impress Master Wu but take it too far, when Jay invents a time machine and accidently sends the ninja to the past. How will they get back to the present?


  • 70703 Rebuilt Monastery
  • 70704 The Edge of the Realm (Remake)
  • 70705 Borg Tower
  • 70706 SOG Headquarters (Full!)
  • 70707 Ice Dragon vs Fire Fang


Season Ep


Series Ep


Image Episode Name Air Date
1 136
Not Lazy
"Not Lazy" July 16, 2019
2 137
Peace is Confusing
"Peace is Confusing" July 17, 2019
3 138
Escape the Colossus!
"Escape the Colossus!" July 18, 2019
4 139 "The Quiet Headquarters" July 19, 2019
5 140 "Back to the Future" July 20, 2019
6 141 "Alternative Timeline" July 22, 2019


  • The name of Episode 5 of this Season is taken from the famous, classic movie, "Back to the Future"
  • This season is the first season without a true main antagonist.
  • This season is the third season that involves time travel, after Season 2 and Season 7.

Timelines of Episodes (In Order)

  • Present
  • Season 13 Episode 1: "The Kingdom of Peace"
  • Season 9 Episode 9: "Lessons for a Master"
  • Season 8 Episode 4: "Snake Jaguar"
  • Alternative Timeline
  • All Listed Timelines

Focus Characters

  • Jay is the true focus character of this season. His focus episodes are 136, 137, 140, and 141.
  • Cole plays a major role in this season, his focus episodes are 139 and 141.
  • Lloyd plays a major role in this season, his focus episode is 138.
  • Master wu plays a major role in this season, in episode 141 he plays a major role but is not the focus character.
  • Nya plays a minor role in this season
  • Zane plays a minor role in this season.
  • Kai plays a minor role in this season.


  • All the ninja were the heroes.
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