“They almost killed Kai, They brought back the Oni, They took our powers and threw us in jail!
This is the end.”


Season 12, subtitled True Darkness is the third installment and season of Emperor Garmadon's Series. It is preceded by Season 11 and suceeded by Jailbreak and Season 13. The Dark Spinjitzu Master serves as the main antagonist and the mascot character. The Elemental Robots serve as this season's villainous faction. There is no focus ninja.

This takes place on Earth-101, a world where the darkness, Lord Garmadon speaks about in the finale of Hunted is not the Oni, it is past villains from the first 2 seasons of Ninjago Returning.

This season is not based on any real season of Ninjago, it is completely custom.


Six Months after the defeat of the oni, the alpha has gotten mad and summoned the Dark Spinjitzu Master, who is the FSM's brother. He promised to help the Oni if anything goes wrong, so the Alpha sends him to Ninjago with robots that have the power to create and destroy. The robots plan to bring back some recent villains the ninja have fought, THE ONI!


This season's wave of sets released on February 15, 2019 and no leaks were revealed until Season 11 ended.

70671 Robot Attack

70672 The Tomb of Weapons

70673 Borg Tower Vault

70674 Headquarters in the First Realm

70675 The Epic Battle


70681 Tornado of Creation (good)

70682 Tornado of Creation (evil)

70683 Kai and Nya vs General Robot

70684 Cole and Zane vs Robot

70685 Jay vs Robot

70686 Wu and Lloyd vs Dark Spinjitzu Master


Season Ep


Series Ep


Episode Name Air Date Focus
1 109 The Backup Weapons February 18, 2019 Master Wu
2 110 Hunt for the Armor February 20, 2019 Kai
3 111 Trapped in a Tomb February 21, 2019 Kai
4 112 The Perish February 22, 2019 Kai
5 113 The Split Up February 26, 2019 N/A
6 114 Hunt for the Realm Crystal February 28, 2019 Lloyd
7 115 Battle of Destruction and Creation March 1, 2019 N/A
8 116 Journey into the Departed Realm N/A
9 117 The Second March Lloyd
10 118 The Dark End N/A


  • True Darkness was supposed to be the end of the Emperor Garmadon Series, but a Dark End won't work out.
  • True Darkness takes place six months after Rise of the Oni.
  • The relationship of the Alpha and the Dark Spinjitzu Master is similar to the relationship of Morro and the Preeminent.

Focus Characters

  • There is no true focus character in this season.

Focus Characters in Episodes

  • Master Wu's focus episode is 109.
  • Kai's focus episodes are 110, 111, and 112.
  • Lloyd's focus episodes are 114 and 117.


  • There is no hero, due to a cliffhanger ending, with the villains undefeated.


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