Sub-Zero is a fan season created before Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu came about. The main antagonist is Arctic Emperor while the Sub-Zero Empire serves as the villainous faction. Kai and Skylor serve as the focus characters.

The Oni were defeated. But peace never lasts. Now, a new threat rises. A threat seeks to cover Ninjago in an icy plain of snow. An ancient icy army, lead by the Ice Samurai. Now seeks to conquer Ninjago in the name of their master.

Episode 99: Warm Arctic

The Ninja enjoy peace in Ninjago. Meanwhile, Garmadon tracks down help to fully understand how to have his Human side back.

(Ninjago-500 years before The Omega arrived)


Unknown person: Kneel before me, praise me. I will defend you all.

(Wu watches with Garmadon from a distance)

Citizen of Ignacia: You claim to defend us, yet you demand that we bow before you. How can we believe you?

(Unknown Person narrows her eyes)

Unknown Person: You dare challenge me, I fought off those Abysson's and saved your village.

Citizen of Ignacia: And the Elemental Masters would've fought them off.

(Unknown Person draws her sword)

Unknown Person: I doubt they would've done much.

(Wu and Garmadon approach)

Wu: Do not judge us by what you think.

(Unknown Person looks at Wu and Garmadon)

Unknown Person: What do you want peasant?

Garmadon: I would be carful with your words Samurai. I am quick to anger.

(Unknown Samurai chuckles)

Unknown Samurai: And why would that be fool?

Wu: Stand down now Samurai.

(Unknown Samurai stands ready to fight)

Unknown Samurai: Make me.

(Garmadon and Wu glance at each other)

Garmadon: A pointless mistake.

(Garmadon and Wu charge)

Unknown Samurai: I will admit, you are formidable. But you will tire before I do.

(Garmadon kicks her back.)

Garmadon: We are the defenders of this realm. You will stand down before it's too late.

(Unknown Samurai chuckles)

Unknown Samurai: I'd like to see you try and beat me.

(Wu stands tall)

Wu: Very well. NINJA-GO!

(Unknown Samurai stands back in shock)

Garmadon: NINJA-GO!

(Unknown Samurai turns and flees)

Wu: We will see her again brother. And she will no doubt hold a vendetta against us.

Garmadon: And we will be ready for her.

(Ninjago-2 months after The Omega was defeated)


Kai: The Omega feared the Tornado of Creation, with the added power of Energy, Water, Destruction and Creation, it beat them.

Ray: A fascinating tale Kai, and that is how the four golden weapons came to exist again?

(Kai nodded)

Maya: Oh no, this dress won't do. You need to show the people that you control Water, no beauty.

Nya: Mum, It needs to be good looking, remember, we're going to have to give our family a good name.

Maya: No no. We need to display how Water is one of strongest elements to exist. No how good beauty is for our family.

(Kai and Ray glance at each other.)

Ray: This is going to be a long day.

Kai: I know. To think that it felt like yesterday when I took over the role of father for her after you two were blackmailed into helping the Time Twins.

Ray: Yeah, I agree. It felt like yesterday that I first layed eyes upon her sleeping face after she was born.

(Corridor of Elders)

(Garmadon eyes his statue)

Garmadon: What was I? Who were I?

(Garmadon glances over the other statues)

Garmadon: Why do I have a statue here? Who commissioned it?

(Garmadon walks further down the corridor)

Garmadon: I've been here before. But why was I here? I must know.

(Garmadon scans the statue of himself)

Garmadon: Who am I? A conqueror? A savior? A father? So many questions, yet no one to provide clarity.

Episode 100: Glacial Chill

Nya is prepping for her wedding. Meanwhile, Kai is called away to investigate a sudden chill at Jamanakai Village, only to discover an old foe has come calling for his help.

(Ninjago-two months after The Omega was defeated)


Nya: How do I look?

(Maya scans Nya)

Maya: You look wonderful, but it lacks that elemental touch of Water.

Nya: 'Groan' Mum, my outfit doesn't need to reflect my elemental power.

Maya: It needs that touch of Water.

Kai: Can you two please keep it down.

Ray: And stop fighting over what she should wear.

(Maya chuckles)

Maya: Of course we'll stop fighting. When she agrees to have that touch of Water.

Kai and Ray: Don't make us come up there.

Nya: Mum, what I wear is my choice, I can wear a water lily in my hair if that makes you happy.

Maya: I can settle for that.

Kai: Thank you, because that was becoming rather annoying.

Ray: Indeed, now, let us move on to the next stage of the Wedding planning.

(Wu enters)

Wu: I'm afraid I need Kai to head to Jamanakai village.

Kai: Why me?

Wu: Something icy has occurred, something unnatural. Your fire may be required.

Kai: I guess I have no choice do I?

(Wu shook his head)

Kai: 'sighs' I'll be on my way.

(Kai glances at Nya)

Kai: I want to be there for the wedding.

Nya: I'll ensure that you're around when we have it.

(Jamanakai Village-498 years before The Omega arrived)

Unknown Samurai: Bow down before me, for I have freed your village from those cursed snakes.

Wu: You defend Ninjago, but think they should bow to you. That is not how it works.

Unknown Samurai: I'll show you why they should bow before me.

Garmadon: You're a fool Samurai.

(Jamanakai Village-Present)

Kai: Where is everyone?

Lloyd: I don't know, I think they're hiding inside. But who left this ice?

(Garmadon watches from a distance)

Garmadon: Master of Fire.

(Jamanakai Village-498 years before The Omega arrive(BOA))

Unknown Samurai: You still think you can beat me?

Garmadon: We've beaten you before. We can do it again.

Unknown Samurai: I've learnt a few things since them. Such as this.

(Unknown Samurai's hands glow a bright blue.)

Wu: Frost Magic!

Garmadon: You're a fool if you think you can control that power.

Unknown Samurai: If you don't think I can control this power, then I'll show you that I can control it.

(Jamanakai Village-498 BOA)

Kai: This place is deserted. No one's around.

Garmadon: No one but us three.

Lloyd: Father.

Garmadon: Lloyd.

Lloyd: Why did you come here?

Garmadon: I came seeking out the Master of Fire.

Kai: As if I would join you.

Garmadon: You are as confused as I am, you wish to know who you really are. I can help you obtain that.

Lloyd: Don't listen to him Kai.

Kai: Uh huh. I'm not buying it Garmadon.

Garmadon: If you won't listen to me, I'll show you.

Lloyd: Kai, whatever he's showing you. Don't fall for it. It's not real.

Garmadon: Are you sure Lloyd?

Kai: I remember my father, he was red with yellow eyes. My mother, she was orange with yellow eyes. Other then that, I don't remember much.

Lloyd: Kai, don't buy it.

Kai: Lloyd, you're a fool.

(Kai kicks Lloyd back)

Lloyd: Kai?

Kai: I'm more then a human. I'm much more.

(Kai leaves with Garmadon)

Episode 101: Freezing Magma

In the aftermath of Kai's betrayal, Lloyd calls the ninja together to discuss their next move. Meanwhile, an ancient threat rises from a deep slumber within Hono Mizu.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Nya: This had better be important Lloyd.

Jay: We have a wedding to plan for.

Lloyd: If it wasn't. I wouldn't have called you all here.

Cole: So what is it?

(Lloyd closes his eyes)

Lloyd: To put it plainly, Kai ran off with my father.

Ninja: WHAT!

Nya: Why would he do that?

Zane: That is unlike Kai.

Lloyd: He said he was much more then human. He also said that his father was red with yellow eyes while his mother was orange with yellow eyes.

Jay: Odd, he doesn't seem to be a combination of the two colours.

Ray: Because Kai is different.

(Ray turns to Nya)

Nya: You mean, Kai's not related to us?

(Ray nods)

Wu: I too would like to know more about this old friend.

Ray: Then I'll tell the tale.

(Hono Mizu-497 BOA)

Arctic Emperor: Fools, we will never last long.

Unknown Samurai: I will seek out and avenge our fallen empire, my emperor.

Arctic Emperor: Yes, go, destroy the Elemental Masters. Avenge our empire.

(Remains of the Oni Temple-Present)

Garmadon: To begin understanding your parents, and who I am. We must begin here.

Kai: Very well. Let us see what we have here.

Garmadon: A tale, bits and pieces of one.

Kai: There's a tale of a child. The son of two warlords. One of extreme power.

Garmadon: The son was powerful. Far more powerful then the mother and father. Perhaps even more powerful then The First Spinjitzu Master and The Omega.

Kai: Who was that son?

Garmadon: It is unknown. He was lost to time and space itself. But I have a gut feeling that I know who it is.

Kai: Who?

(Hono Mizu-Present)

Arctic Emperor: I rise once more, yet everything is different. Things have changed. But I shall rebuild my empire.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Nya: It is interesting, but I don't see how that can be possible.

Ray: It isn't simple. But it happened.

Zane: I just got an alert from Pixel, it seems someone has covered a large area in ice.

Lloyd: That doesn't seem possible unless you control Ice or have absorbed it with Amber.

Wu: There is another way. A power that I feared, a power that can only be controlled by those with power, only those who are strong can control this power. That power is Frost Magic.

Cole: Frost Magic?

Jay: Great, just what we need. Another magic user.

Nya: Who's next?

Wu: Don't take Frost Magic lightly. It is a power that even my father feared.

Faith: Even the Oni feared it.

Lloyd: What do we have on it?

Arctic Emperor: Why don't I show you? Elemental Masters.

Episode 102: Frosty

The Arctic Emperor, now awoken, attacks the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Meanwhile, Skylor gathers a group of people to track down Garmadon.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Wu: The Arctic Emperor, Ninja, do not take him lightly.

Arctic Emperor: So you're the son of Ninjago's creator. And the one who defeated my loyal follower.

Lloyd: You're not going to win against us.

Arctic Emperor: I beg to differ, Master of Energy.

Zane: History said that you died at your fortress in Hono Mizu.

Nya: Fortress, there was no fortress there when we visited.

Arctic Emperor: Foolish, history never tells truth. Now bow before your new ruler.

Wu: Your follower made the same mistake and relied upon Frost Magic heavily. That was her downfall. And it'll be yours.

Arctic Emperor: Frost Magic gives us power, it gives me strength. I've never had had power like this before. And it's all thanks to some foolish demon.

Lloyd: Oni.

(Ninjago City)

Skylor: Karlof, I need your help.

Karlof: Karlof help if he know why?

Skylor: I've been tasked with hunting down Garmadon. And to do so, I'm forming a team.

Karlof: Karlof help.

Skylor: Now we need to find three others to join the team.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Kai: What's important about this place?

Garmadon: The Oni Warlords had a temple built within the Labyrinth. But so too does the person we seek.

Kai: Then let's get going.

Garmadon: Not so fast. Only an Oni can find this temple. I want you to lead the way.

Kai: So you can stab me in the back. No thanks.

Garmadon: I am curious to see if who I believe The Lost Child to be is correct.

Kai: Ok.

(Kai enters the labyrinth and walks into a tree)

Kai: Not that way.

(Garmadon shakes his head with a sigh and follows)

(Ninjago City)

Skylor: Ronin, we need your help.

Ronin: And what do I get for helping?

Skylor: I'm sure the police would give you a good reward for helping bring Garmadon in.

Ronin: Well, now that does sound good.

Karlof: Karlof think we need two more people before we start.

Skylor: Indeed. We head to find Griffin Turner and Paleman.

Ronin: Alright.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Faith: I've faced Oni and survived. I won't fall before you.

Arctic Emperor: You will call me emperor. But your excuse is pathetic.

Jay: Hey Ice Head. Over here.

(Arctic Emperor turns to face Jay)

Arctic Emperor: How dare you insult me.

(Arctic Emperor fires a ball of ice at Jay. Nya blasts it away)

Nya: No one threatens to harm my future husband but me.

Arctic Emperor: A shame. An emperor needs an empress. I guess I'll have to settle for another.

Cole: Now that's messed up.

Lloyd: We don't have time for this.

(Lloyd leaps at the Arctic Emperor)

Arctic Emperor: What, ah

(Arctic Emperor hits the ground)

Arctic Emperor: 'Groans' You'll pay for that Master of Energy.

Wu: You'll never win Arctic Emperor.

Arctic Emperor: Perhaps. But I can leave you all with a parting gift. Consider this but a taste of what's to come.

(Arctic Emperor leaves with an icy gift, leaving Faith encased in ice)

Wu: He will be back. But for now, we must tend to Faith.

(Ninjago City)

Skylor: Griffin Turner, Paleman, we need your help.

Griffin Turner: What do you need?

Skylor: We need you two to help us bring in Garmadon.

Paleman: Count us in then.

Skylor: Now, all we need to do is follow his trail, starting in Jamanakai Village.

Episode 103: The Ice Samurai

Recovering from their battle with the Arctic Emperor, the Ninja begin to gather what they know about this new threat. Meanwhile, Skylor and her team encounter a follower of the Arctic Emperor.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Lloyd: Who is this Arctic Emperor? Because we got our behinds handed to us.

Jay: Yeah. It really was a butt kicking. And we were at the receiving end.

Wu: The Arctic Emperor is a foe from Ninjago's past. About 500 years ago, he began his campaign to conquer Ninjago. Garmadon and I stood side by side with the Elemental Masters in halting his progress. The Arctic Emperor was greedy. He remained seated on his throne within Hono Mizu, far from our reach.

Nya: But there was no sign of any fortress at Hono Mizu when Kai and I obtained the final Time Blade there.

Wu: That is because his fortress was frozen over, buried below the waves, hidden deep within the city.

Cole: So how do we beat him?

Wu: The Arctic Emperor is formidable. His control over Frost Magic is by vast, the most powerful I have ever encountered. But they was another who could Frost Magic. But she vanished within the Frozen Wasteland sometime after Hono Mizu collapsed.

(Frozen Wasteland-494 BOA)

Unknown Samurai: Curse these Elemental Masters and their elemental powers. Always beating me in combat.

(Unknown Samurai kicks some snow)

Unknown Samurai: I'll show them who I am.

(Snow begins to pour down towards her.)

Unknown Samurai: NO!

(Jamanakai Village-Present)

Skylor: He was here, but this ice, it's unnatural.

Ronin: Yeah. Almost as if someone put it here on purpose.

Unknown Samurai: That would be me.

(Frozen Wasteland-Several Days before Kai ran off with Garmadon)

(Snow shifts)

Unknown Samurai: ARGH!

(Snow is forced apart by an explosion)

Unknown Samurai: Nothing traps me. Nothing.

(Jamanakai Village-Present)

Skylor: Who are you?

Unknown Samurai: I am obedience, I am law, I am the enforcer.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Wu: She was called. The Ice Samurai, the Arctic Emperor's enforcer.

Zane: She was stated to have died within the Frozen Wasteland.

Wu: Indeed. Yet I fear that that was not the case.

(Jamanakai Village)

Unknown Samurai: I am loyalty, I am. The Ice Samurai.

Griffin Turner: Alright. What do you want?

The Ice Samurai: I want total and utter vengeance for the destruction of my Emperor's Empire.

Ronin: Ok lady. You're giving very evil vibes. And I've had my fair share of dealing with evil people to know when to stop one.

The Ice Samurai: Foolish. I am the enforcer. I will enforce the law of the Sub-Zero Empire upon you all.

(Skylor forms a ball of fire)

Skylor: Try it.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Kai: We're close. I can feel it.

Garmadon: So we are.

(Jamanakai Village)

The Ice Samurai: You five are fools and weak. I won't waste my time with you. Rather, I shall find the one's responsible for my imprisonment within the Frozen Wasteland and the collapse of the Sub-Zero Empire.

(Oni Temple-Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Kai: The Oni Temple.

Garmadon: The one person who can give me what I want is here.

First Spinjitzu Master Ghost: Son, and the current Master of Fire. What brings you here.

Garmadon: I want to be human again. I want to make sense of the world.

Kai: I wish to know more about my parents.

First Spinjitzu Master Ghost: Very well.

(Garmadon is struck by a blast of gold)

Garmadon: Human again. I feel everything again.

First Spinjitzu Master Ghost: As for you Kai. Your father is the Oni Warlord of Vengeance. Your mother, is the Oni Warlord of Deception.

Garmadon: The Lost Child.

Episode 104: Polar Winter

Kai and Garmadon encounter a troop belonging to the Arctic Emperor. And Skylor's team is not far behind them. Meanwhile, the Ninja encounter The Ice Samurai.

(Oni Temple-Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Garmadon: The Lost Child. Son of two of the Oni Warlords.

Kai: It makes sense now. I know why I was able to touch the Golden Master's armour. Because I'm strong enough to. Meaning, I can control Destruction.

Garmadon: So it seems. Come, we must get moving and return to the ninja. I believe they have had enough of your betrayal. Even if it wasn't a betrayal.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

Jay: Argh. Why is this so hard to do?

Nya: Jay, you know that this isn't simple right?

Jay: Uh, yeah. But why must we learn these moves again?

Cole: So that we can fight back against the Arctic Emperor.

Jay: Oh right, to fight someone who kicked out butts. That makes a lot of sense.

Wu: Do no let the past hinder the future Jay.

Lloyd: The air's gotten colder suddenly.

Zane: I'm detecting something approaching at a fast speed.

The Ice Samurai: Of course you are Master of Ice,

Wu: You.

The Ice Samurai: I haven't forgotten you...Wu. You and your brother, always there to stop me. It's a wonder how you two came to fight each other.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Karlof: Karlof not like jungle.

Paleman: Tracks, two sets of them.

Ronin: Garmadon isn't alone.

Skylor: But who's with him. Griffin, scout ahead and see where they may've gone.

Griffin Turner: Right away.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Garmadon: We have company.

Soldier 1: The Emperor wants these Oni found and terminated,

Kai: They're looking for us.

Garmadon: Then we'll just have to give them what they want. Remember, your power is great, you can shift your form to others as well.

Kai: Alright.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

The Ice Samurai: You'll have to do better then that Wu.

Wu: Ninja, show him what you've learnt.

Lloyd: Let's do this guys.

(Lloyd and Cole leap towards The Ice Samurai)

Nya: Together Jay, water and lightning.

Jay: We'll give her the shock of her life.

(Nya sprays water while Jay electrocutes it)

The Ice Samurai: Argh, that hurt you little ants.

(Ice Samurai fires a blast of frost towards Jay and Nya)

Pixel: Assistance inbound.

(Jay and Nya are saved by Pixel)

The Ice Samurai: Another samurai. This is interesting.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

(Kai leaps to the side)

Kai: Too many of them.

Garmadon: Don't give up. We will succeed.

Kai: I hope so.

(Kai is hit hard)

Skylor: KAI!

Episode 105: Icy Mother

As Skylor and her team catch up to Garmadon and Kai. She and Kai come to blows before a figure from her past returns, but not in the way she expected.

(Hiroshi's Labyrinth)

Kai: Skylor?

(Skylor's team beats back the soldiers)

Soldier 1: RETREAT!

Garmadon: Skylor, your timing is perfect.

Skylor: We came out here to put you back in prison.

Kai: That won't be needed Skylor. Garmadon's on our side again.

Skylor: I see he's poisoned your mind.

Kai: He hasn't. I only joined him from mutual gain. I help him find someone, he helps me find out more about my parents.

Skylor: But your parents are living in Ignacia.

(Monastery of Spinjitzu)

The Ice Samurai: This is a waste of time. I have other callings to attend to. Perhaps you lot shall be more considerate when I have an army to back me up.

(The Ice Samurai leaves)

Wu: She will be back. But we must be ready.

Lloyd: Master Wu, we need to follow her, he should take the fight to them.

Wu: Very well, we head for the Frozen Wasteland.

(Hiroshi's labyrinth)

Ronin: Can we please not cause anymore chaos. I'll collect my reward for handing Garmadon over and be on my way.

Kai: Garmadon is not being handed over.

Paleman: We'll do the job we're given.

Kai: I need him.

(Karlof goes to grab Garmadon, Kai's eyes flash yellow and Karlof is lifted into the air)

Kai: I. Said. Don't. Go. Near. Him.

(Karlof is sent flying into Ronin)

Skylor: Kai, what did you just do?

Garmadon: Destruction, he just used telekinesis.

Skylor: You're...

Kai: I'm Oni.

Garmadon: And a full blooded one as well. I noticed The Omega watch you closely when fighting him.

Unknown person: How cute. A full blooded Oni, a half Oni, four elemental masters and one part time hero.

Skylor: Mother

Asolor: You are always listening daughter.

Kai: That's your mother?

Asolor: You and my daughter overthrew my husband. You put a hinge in my fathers plans.

Skylor: You work for evil. I will stop you.

Asolor: Don't test me daughter.

Kai: I will stand by her side when she stops you.

Asolor: Oh, I'm so scared.

Kai: Sarcasm won't get you anywhere. Now surrender.

Asolor: No.

Skylor: You won't win this fight mother.

Asolor: I know, that's why I brought a little something extra.

(Asolor brings out the Oni Mask of Vengeance)

Kai: That's my fathers. Hand over.

Asolor: Good luck with that Oni.

Skylor: Argh.

Asolor: 'laughs'

Garmadon: We must work together to defeat her.

Kai and Skylor: Don't you think we know that?

Asolor: Please, fight amongst yourselves. It makes it easier to take you down.

(Kai and Skylor charger Asolor. Asolor sends them flying.)

Asolor: Please, this is child's play.

Karlof: Then we shall teach you lesson.

(Asolor beats back Karlof, Paleman, Ronin and Griffin Turner.)

Asolor: As I said, child's play.

Kai: No, I shall have that mask.

(Kai pulls the Oni Mask of Vengeance to him)

Asolor: No. You shall pay for that.

Kai: I'd like to see you try.

(Asolor runs.)

Kai: I have a feeling that your mother works for the same person who had those troops sent after me and Garmadon.

Skylor: Then we must hunt her down and bring her in.

Episode 106: Frozen Land

Closing in on the Arctic Emperor, the Ninja begin to traverse the Frozen Wasteland. All the while, Kai and Garmadon join forces with Skylor and her team as they track down Skylor's mother.

(Birchwood Forest)

Jay: Is that the Frozen Wasteland?

Nya: Jay, when the tress vanish, we'll be...

(Nya stops)

Nya: There.

Wu: We are close. The Arctic Emperor will be expecting us.

Cole: So expect a fight?

Lloyd: We should see how far we can get without drawing too much unwanted attention.

Zane: I agree with Lloyd. We should avoid a fight where we can.

Jay: Ok.... hey who's that over there?

(The Ninja look over as they see an orange figure run by.)

Nya: Is that Skylor?

Wu: No, that is Asolor. Her mother.

(Blackwood Forest)

Skylor: My mother is fast.

Garmadon: Because she has tapped into the powers of Frost Magic. We need to double out time if we're to catch her.

Griffin Turner: Two of us can run fast. But the rest of you, I'm not so sure.

Kai: Elemental Dragons

Ronin: Right, your mystical dragons. Which I don't have.

Garmadon: If it is any help, I am unable to summon an Elemental Dragon. Destruction is from the Oni. It would be impossible to even do such a thing.

Skylor: You'll just have to hitch a ride with one of us. We're riding together Kai.

Kai: Ok.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Zane: Get down.

(A troop of ice warriors walk past)

Lloyd: We need to take a different path.

Pixel: My scanners show that we can head around the back via the Glacier Barrens.

Lloyd: That would take too long. We just have to keep going and hope that we're not spotted.

(Wildwood Forest)

Paleman: This is much faster.

Kai: But what do we do when we catch up to her?

Skylor: I don't know.

Kai: You were so sure back at Hiroshi's Labyrinth. What's changed?

Skylor: 'sigh' She's my mother. It's as if my parents were born for evil. What if I was born for evil?

Kai: Hey, don't look like that, I'm Oni, and so was Mystake. And we haven't wanted to conquer Ninjago.

Skylor: You only just discovered that you're Oni. You might've been sent here as a sleeper agent.

Kai: To be honest, I wasn't thinking that through.

Garmadon: Enough talk, we're nearing Birchwood Forest.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Zane: What do you think about Kai? Ray said they found him. But what I find most intriguing is that he was in a crater. As if he had been sent to Ninjago on purpose.

Wu: There are many things told from that tale that don't make sense. But there is a tale from the First Realm. A tale about The Lost Child. The child of two Oni Warlords.

Nya: You mean Kai's an Oni?

Wu: It may be possible. But I suspect Kai's betrayal to journey with Garmadon may have been from mutual gain. He helped Garmadon, and Garmadon helped him.

Lloyd: We'll. We've got company. And they've seen us.

Episode 107: Bitter Magic

Closing in on the Arctic Emperor's castle, the Ninja encounter Kai, Garmadon, Skylor and her team who join forces to fight back the Arctic Emperor.

Soldier 1: Take them down.

Cole: So now we have to fight. Why didn't we do this in the first place?

Zane: I believe it was because we didn't want o be found before it was too late.

Wu: Show them what you've got Ninja.

Lloyd: Right, let's do this.

(Birchwood Forest)

Garmadon: I can feel my brother, he's in danger, so is my son. We must hurry.

Kai: Alright.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Lloyd: There's too many of them.

Nya: Where's Kai when you need him.

(A roar is heard)

Jay: Is that a Dragon?

Soldier 1: RETREAT!

Wu: I do believe so.

Lloyd: Four elemental dragons. Three of them have two people upon there back.

Kai: Hey guys, need a hand.

Lloyd: Kai.

Kai: Lloyd, don't let what happened at Jamanakai get to your head.

Lloyd: Why, you turned on us and ran off with Garmadon.

Garmadon: I do believe he deceived you.

Wu: Brother.

Garmadon: I have returned. And feeling better.

Lloyd: Father. You're...

Garmadon: Human, yes I know. It was why I needed Kai. Because we both had something the other needed. He needed information on his parents, I needed help to find someone.

Kai: And well, I've learnt a lot about myself.

Nya: Kai, did you know you were adopted?

Kai: I've known since leaving Hiroshi's Labyrinth.

Zane: Why would you be there?

Garmadon: Now isn't the time. We need to stop the Arctic Emperor before he claims victory.

Wu: Indeed. We should continue on towards his new home.

Kai: Then let's get going.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Arctic Emperor: They draw closer. Double our guard. I don't want them to get in.

The Ice Samurai: Yes my emperor.

Asolor: The Lost Child has been found father.

Arctic Emperor: The Lost Child, that is a myth. But we shall be ready for anything.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Cole: More, it's as if they've doubled in number.

Kai: I know, but I won't let that stop us.

(Kai pulls out the Oni Mask of Vengeance)

Cole: Where'd you get that?

Kai: Took it from Skylor's mother, better we use it then them.

(Kai puts it on)

Kai: Now let's see how numbers matters.

(kai leaps into battle)

Garmadon: He is different now. And I know why.

Wu: How?

Garmadon: 'whisper' He's The Lost Child.

(Wu widens his eyes)

Skylor: Well, I don't think I've seen them run so fast.

Jay: Yeah, but I can see a building in the distance.

Nya: Then lets hurry. The sooner this is over, the sooner we get married.

Zane: I would advice caution, we do not know how large the enemy force may be over the hill.

Wu: Zane is right. We should tread with caution.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Arctic Emperor: They are beyond the hill. Have the army ready to fight.

The Ice Samurai: Yes my emperor.

Episode 108: Burning Destiney

In a final showdown. Kai, Garmadon, Lloyd and Skylor face down the Arctic Emperor, Ice Samurai and Skylor's mother. But victory comes at a cost.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Cole: That is a lot.

Karlof: Karlof not afraid.

Ronin: While I'd be on my way now. I don't think I'm going to miss this one.

Zane: I count over a hundred for each of us.

Pixel: So do I.

Garmadon: We'll have to move with care. I don't know how long we could last.

Kai: Nya, use the Oni Mask of Vengeance.

Nya: Are you sure?

Kai: Yes. Skylor, you Lloyd Garmadon and I. We're taking down their head.

Wu: Be careful, the Arctic Emperor is far stronger then anything we've ever faced before.

Kai: I'll be the judge of that.

(Ice Fortress-Frozen Wasteland)

Arctic Emperor: Do not let them in.

Asolor: They won't make it past the army.

The Ice Samurai: Four of them are making a beeline straight for us.

Arctic Emperor: Fools, we shall crush them where they stand.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Kai: That was too close.

Skylor: They outnumber us greatly.

Garmadon: Then I'll make an entrance.

(Garmadon draws away a majority of the men guarding the entrance.)

Kai: Come one.

(Ice Fortress-Frozen Wasteland)

Arctic Emperor: Welcome to my new home elemental masters. I see you've lost a number of your group.

Lloyd: We're here to take you down.

The Ice Samurai: I think a rematch is in order boy.

Lloyd: You won't win. I defeated The Overlord and the Oni. What can you do?

Asolor: Daughter, why fight for the losing side?

Skylor: Because I know the winning side when I see it.

Asolor: You need discipline, something your father seems to have failed to teach you. Or as was the years after you betrayed him that it rubbed off. Whatever it was, I'll put it back into you. And I'll do it by force if I have to.

Kai: You won't win Arctic Emperor. I will beat you.

Arctic Emperor: Try it, I dare you.

(They fight)

Skylor: You still serve your father, why?

Asolor: Because he is powerful. The most powerful within this room.

Skylor: Father was like that too. But true power doesn't come from elements, it comes from those you care about. From teamwork. Kai taught me that, he taught me much.

Asolor: And so he's poisoned you, Oni or not. He will be next.

Skylor: No, he hasn't poisoned me. His words allowed me to make my own choice. I rose up against my father. I did so on my own terms. I just needed that little push.

Asolor: No.

Skylor: Don't let fear control you mother. Don't let your father control you with fear. It won't do you any good. Because I know.

(Asolor stops fighting)

Asolor: Skylor, you're right. Father has been ruling over me with fear. Ninjago's a wonderful place, and he wants to see it covered in ice.

(Asolor turns towards her father)

Asolor: FATHER!

Arctic Emperor: What?

(Arctic Emperor is sent flying back)

Arctic Emperor: You betrayed me.

Asolor: You rule by fear. I refuse to obey you because of fear.

Arctic Emperor: Then I'll deal with you personally.

(Arctic Emperor throws a spiked chunk of ice)

Skylor: MOTHER!

Asolor: My little Sky. Don't cry. I may move on, but I will always be with you in your heart.

Skylor: Mother, no.

Kai: She did what you did. And she bought time. She will be avenged.

Skylor: Kill him for me.

Kai: With pleasure.

(Kai's eyes turn yellow)

Kai: You mad a mistake emperor.

Arctic Emperor: Have I?

Kai: You mess with powers far beyond yours.

(Kai's skin turns red)

Arctic Emperor: I control Frost Magic, the most powerful elemental magic there is.

The Ice Samurai: My emperor.

(Kai grows red horns. His face changes. A cape forms with spiked red shoulder armour.)

Kai: You are a fool to challenge me.

(The Ice Samurai charges Kai)

Kai: Behold, the power of a full blooded Oni.

(Kai lifts The Ice Samurai and snaps her in half)

Arctic Emperor: Who are you?

Kai: I am the son of two Oni Warlords. I am the son of Vengeance and Deception. I am Kai. Master of Fire, Master of Destruction, Master of Deception and Master of Vengeance. And you are nothing.

(Kai forms a staff like speak)

Arctic Emperor: The Lost Child

(Kai charges the Arctic Emperor)

Kai: Now you will see what true power looks like.

(Kai lifts him into the air. and begins to create deceiving memories)

Kai: Deception.

(Kai begins to filter through the Arctic Emperors mind his many foes exacting vengeance)

Kai: Vengeance.

Arctic Emperor: NO!

(Kai begins to pull his body apart)

Kai: I am a master of four elements. You are nothing.

(Arctic Emperor is torn apart)

Kai: Now to see to his army.

(Frozen Wasteland)

Cole: There's too many.

Zane: We are outnumbered.

(Kai lands before them)



(Kai begins to tear apart the ice army)

Ronin: Is that Kai?

Garmadon: It is. He's revealed his true form.


Kai: Run, it's what's best for you.

Nya: Kai, you're a Oni.

Kai: Yes, I'm The Lost Child.

Skylor: And I'm glad you're on our side.

Arctic Emperor: The Abyss will come. And you will all fall before their might.

Kai: How are you still alive?

Arctic Emperor: Frost Magic.

(Kai tears his head from his body)

Jay: That was gross.

Kai: The Abyss, what is The Abyss?



Note: These aren't real.

70685-Ignacia Skirmish

-Master Wu(Young)


-The Ice Samurai

70686-Monastery Battle




-Arctic Emperor

70687-Hiroshi's Labyrinth





-Two Ice Warriors

70688-Jamanakai Ambush


-The Ice Samurai

70689-Ice Fortress

-Arctic Empero





-The Ice Samurai

- Ice Warrior

Battle Gear Packs

70690-Skylor and Kai

70691-Nya and Jay

70692-Zane and Pixel

70693-Ice Samurai and Arctic Emperor








70699-Kai(Oni) vs Arctic Emperor

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