Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel Elizabeth Dare is Kai's fiance and the Daughter of a bunch of millionares (mentioned in Ninjago: POP episode 24). She has Fire Powers like Kai, but she is not a Ninja like them. She is secretly a Bounty Hunter named Samurai A in Fight mode. She fought the Deadly Six once.


When she was six her pet mouse died of nausia, and she was constantly whimpering and crying. Her parents got help from Dr. Higgins, who was a very perfect therapist, and tried to teach her things that could take her mind away from the dead mouse.

She ran away when her parents needed to move back because of Mr. Dare, her father's father, was getting ill and dull eyed, and he couldn't run the company anymore. Rachel lived like an urchin until Kai found her and dated her.

She saw the guys again when she, with a bunch of other guys, were kidnapped by the Deadly Six during Garmadon's second raid on Palmopolis.


  • She has fire powers, like Kai.
  • She also transforms into Samurai A.
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