The Cave had a purple glow coming from it. Which meant on thing.

It was time to get revenge.

Four slithering fiends entered this dark rock fortress. The first one was blue with red eyes and yellow symbols on his body.

The second was a snake with a... disfunction. He was red with not one, but TWO heads. White symbols covered his body.

The third one had four yellow eyes and had yellow symbols, like the first one, on his body. He was Dark Green all over.

The last one was the shortest of the group. He was Dark Black with orange markings on him.

Their names? Skales, Fangtom, Acidicous, and Skalidor. The four Serpentine generals.

Fangtom; At lasssst we are finally here, boyssss. We musssst begin the ssssearch.

Acidicous: Indeed, Fangtom. We musssst find thissss ssssuprisssse you are talking about.

Skalidor: You think we sssshould be doing thissss? I feel like ssssomeone issss watching ussss.

Sure enough, someone was watching them. One had spikes running down his head. The second one looked as if he was a miner. They were rare living skellitons called Skullin. No one knew they were rivals with the Serpentine. Not even the Serpentine themselves. They were Nuckal and Kruncha.

Nuckal: They're they go, Kruncha. What now?

Kruncha: We wait for them to come out, and then we litteraly KILL THEM.

Nuckal: Oooooooooooooooh!! I love killing!

Kruncha: Yeah, I know. You know what I'd like?

Nuckal: What?


Suddenly, Skales popped his head out of the entrance.

Skales: I know your here, whoever you are. Come out from you hiding place.

Fangtom: Sssskalessss, hurry up! Are you talking to air or ssssomething?

Skales: Coming, Mr. I'm Sssso Better Than Everyone Elsssse!

As soon as Skales went back in, the two Skullin reappeared.

Nuckal: Wow. What are they looking for, the mall?

Kruncha: I heard something about Thor, that guy with the hammer.

Nuckal: I heard something about pie. I wonder what flavor it is. Maybe cherry?

Kruncha slaps Nuckal's head backwards, which easily confuses him.


Kruncha: Your one of the stupidest people I've met.

They ducked in the bushes once again.

Inside the Cave, the walls were covered in writings, such as " THE CAKE IS A LIE!" and " Here lies Kat Ana." Mostly, the Serpentine only entered for sight seeing. But now, they had a mission.

To revive Pythor P. Chumsworth.

Now, you may think Skales hated Pythor. They may have had a grudge, but Skales and Pythor had known each other since they were 5. Heck, they even graduated through college together! But, of course, since their seperation, Skales had mostly forgotten the snake he met in Kindergarten. They had fuzzy memories about their friendship in the past sometimes, but they mostly thought they were frenemies.

The last room in the back was home to statues of dead rulers of Ninjago. Rumors said that you can use the FIVE Fangblades to revive them. They even had little slots to hold them!

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