Lord Predaking was the First creator of Evil (not really Because of the Overlord) because he created Moby Dick and the Predacons. But he also is a Leader of the Overlord's Bureaucrat armies (the Leader who acts like a second in command to him.) and a King of Evil. When he was fighting The original Master of Spinjitzu and the New one, he forged the Dark Elemental Blade and the Dark Techno Blade to fight both Masters. He was able to destroy the first one, but wasn't able to Destroy the Second one, because the New master cut Ninjago into another slice. But when he got imprisoned in the Temple of the Predacons with the other Predacons, he grew more powerful, stronger, and faster so he could have Revenge on the Ninja and the Master who defeated him.


How he got to Ninjago

When Predaking got tired of staying in his home world, he wanted to conquer a new world.But when he was able to get up, he saw portal to a new world which was born, Ninjago. He told his army that there is a new world to conquer. So he and the others journeyed to the Portal through space and time. When Predaking and the Others arrived, they where at Ninjago. Predaking's time file said that they where in the Golden Age after the Overlord's defeat and the separation of Ninjago.He fought the good side after The Overlord's defeat and ended up getting defeated aswell with his army.


After his Defeat,Predaking was remaining in the same fate as The Overlord once was.After some time has passed he got revived seeing he was in the Nemesis 2.0 warship.After he was reawakened, He Met the Leader of the faction and joined up with him to gain revenge on the First Spinjitzu Master.

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