Poysin yawned. "Get up, my son",said General Viperetti , leader of the Anacondria, and Poysin's dad.

Poysin: What's wrong?

General Viperetti: It's 11:03 a.m.


Poysin: But,but it's ...still dark???

General Viperetti:I know. But that is because we snakes were locked away in a big jail house with no windows, and barely any food.

Poysin:Barely any food???Uh-Oh..........

General Viperetti:Yeah, I know .I am preparing you a secret stash of food.


General Viperetti:This one snake named Pythor,has already tried to defeat me in the Slither Pit. If he wins, things will go hard with us.

Three weeks and two days later......

General Viperetti:Pythor has challenged me to the Slither Pit again today.

Poysin: Again?!?!?!?

Four hours later.....

Viperetti: I can't believe it. I lost.

General Pythor: I am now in charge!!!Yehaw!!!!


Four weeks and three days later......

General Pythor:Hmmmmmm..... No food left.......I know!!!!WE WILL EAT EACH OTHER!!!!!