The Order of The Dragon is an organisation that protects Ninjago from the shadows.

History Edit

Years before the Serpentine wars. Edit

The Order of The Dragon was founded sometime after The Overlord was defeated. It was formed by the first Elemental Masters of Fire, Aether, Love, Fear, Magma and Frost.

The Abyss Edit

Kai is the current Grand Master of the order and adoptive father of Kaya, a Master of the Order. They spoke about Kai's lack of appearance's at meetings and that Ruko had been after the rank of Grand Master despite Kaya being the next Grand Master. Tor was also mentioned about being afraid that Kai had abandoned them. They were mentioned later to Caleb by Kai. Kaya and Tor later went to Ninjago City to help fight the Sarcusis with Tor facing down Phoenix while Kaya helped Kai fight Manticore.

Code Edit

The Order of The Dragon follow a code. A set of rules that governs them.

  1. Value honour, friendship and family above all else
  2. Protect Ninjago till death or retirement
  3. Keep our Order in the shadows
  4. Value peace, balance and order. Never seek to disrupt them.

Ranks Edit

The Order has several ranks.

  • Grand Master- The leader of the Order. They decide on what the Order does. They also mentor the next Grand Master.
  • Master- They help run the Order. They answer directly to the Grand Master. They mentor the next Masters. One of their number is selected to become the next Grand Master.
  • Sentinel- They are the elite force. They are unable to become Masters.
  • Knight- They are the Sentinel's in training. They are mentored by a Sentinel.
  • Samurai-They are the primary force of the Order.
  • Ninja-They are Masters in training.

Members Edit

  • Current Members
    • Kai-Grand Master
    • Kaya-Master
    • Tor-Master
    • Zor-Master
    • Ruko-Master
    • Katana-Master
    • Bumi-Sentinel
    • Korra-Sentinel
    • Shade-Knight
  • Deceased Members
    • Jai-Sentinel
    • Mistake-Sentinel
    • Hutchins-Sentinel
    • Empress of Ninjago-Sentinel
  • Retired Members
    • Zuko-Grand Master
    • Kenzin-Master
    • Tenzein-Sentinel
    • Suki-Master
Galvatream's Characters
Faction Character
Ninja Caleb Wart
Tech Ninja-original lineup Leader: Benthos, Lydia(Backup)

Eve, Milly, Brady, Carly, Hal, Echo, Shatter

Tech Ninja-New lineup Leader: Zarah

Lydia, Echo, Tristen, Colten

Dragon Hunters Leader: Iron Lord

Crossbow, Chew Chew, Bow, Metal Pilot, Chain Legs

Oni Warlords: Vengeance, Deception, Hatred

Other: Icebreaker

Abyssons(Sarcusis) Leader: Typhon

Chimera, Manticore, Cerberus, Ouroboros, Phoenix

Sub-Zero Empire Leader: Arctic Emperor

Asolor, The Ice Samurai

Beastors Lion Clan: Bronze Lion, Bronzai, Brono, Bonzer

Cheetah Clan: Tungsten Cheetah, Tungster, Tungstate, Tungst

Eagle Clan: Silver Eagle, Silverbolt, Silver Line, Silver Night

Mole Clan: Iron Mole, Ironzor, Ironheight, Ironcore

Ape Clan: Metal Ape, Metal Munch, Metal Eye, Metal Brute, Metal Feast

Raven Clan: Black Raven, Ravan, Ravon, Ravin

The Molten Army Leader: Lord Moltron(Kailor Trilogy)

Commander Moltar, General Selina, General Meltus

Shadow Army Leader: Master Umbra

Commander Flame, Commander Volcanic, Commander Magma

Dark Army Leader: Rock Lord

General Rockcrunch, Commander Stone, Mountain King

Earth Brothers: Stonecrush, Groundpound, Earthmover

Order of Warlords Leader: Lord Pernicious

Lord Voracity, Lord Destroyer, Lord Eradicator, Lord Extinction

Necromancers Leader: Ochukras The Serpent

Undead Asolor

Vermillion Commander Serpen
Order of The Blade Leader: White Knight

Blue Typhoon, Dark Archer, Topaz Assassin, Crimson Samurai

Autobots Jaya, Kailor, Pixane, Rumi
Animated Autobots Skyfighter
Decepticons Kronix, Serpentor
Lords of Darkness General Grid, General Shadow, Dark Lord, Melina
Guardians of Light Agent Poight
Celestials Leader: Erudite

Blackhole, Gordane, Villainous, Timester

Elemental Army Commando Bruce, Commando Ezra
Cyberborg Empire Leader: Cybermaster

Cybersly, Cyberdrain

Frost Legion Leader: Frost Lord

Icyfate, Froze, Frosty, Freezer, Frezon, Icicle

Order of The Dragon Master: Kaya, Tor, Zor, Ruko, Katana, Zuko, Kenzin, Suki

Sentinel: Jai, Osaki, Bumi, Katara, Korra, Tenzein

Alpha Gods Omicronus, Omicrona
Elemental Masters Arczero, Mary, Sparkplug, Ethereal Sentinel
Other Clouse Junior, Dark Ray, Dark Kai(Kajinek, Bonesnapper, Galvatream, The God Slayer, Catherine, Tech Lord
Unknown Dark Fury, Dark Samurai