The following are the guidelines by which this wiki is moderated. Suggestions, questions, or complaints should be taken to an administrator.

1. General

  1. Treat others with respect, whether they are staff or a random anonymous user.
  2. Harassment will not be tolerated. “Harassment” is here defined as “deliberate actions toward another user with the intent to harm or cause discomfort.”
    1. If another user tells you to leave them alone, comply; unless you are staff performing your job.
    2. A degree of playful insulting/”trolling” is allowed if the target is not bothered by it.
  3. Do not spam. “Spam” is here defined as “content that is off-topic and/or needlessly repeated, or otherwise interferes with other content.”
  4. Content in languages other than English should in most cases be accompanied by an English translation.
  5. Language on the wiki should be kept PG. Censoring stronger language, except in direct quotes, is also forbidden.
  6. If you drag in drama from other wikis or sites, you will be asked to drag it right back out.
  7. Do not ask to be promoted to staff.

2. Content

  1. With the exception of language (see 1.5), content should be kept PG-13.
  2. Articles should be tied to the Ninjago universe in some way.
  3. Blank pages or pages without any meaningful content will be marked for deletion.
  4. Articles with less than a paragraph of content should be marked as stubs.
  5. Do not edit another user’s article unless:
    1. The creator has given explicit permission, whether general or specific.
    2. You are marking the article as a stub or candidate for deletion.
    3. You are an admin, rollback, or content moderator enforcing the policy.
  6. Do not add fan content to articles on canon characters or other canon topics, except in clearly marked sections.
  7. Article comments should be relevant to the article.
  8. Polite criticism or disagreement in comments is allowed. “Hurr durr ur OC sucks” is treading thin ice. Baiting and flaming is never allowed.

3. Threads

  1. Threads should be placed in the appropriate category.
  2. Roleplay threads should be marked with these tags, if applicable, at the end of the title:
    1. “[OPEN]” for open, free-for-all roleplays.
    2. “[CLOSED]” for RPs that are invite-only.
    3. “[OOC]” for discussion threads or other out-of-character threads that still belong in the RP category.
  3. Don’t post more than once in a row in the same thread, unless absolutely necessary, or it has been more than 24 hours since the last post.

4. Chat

  1. Controversial topics, such as those regarding politics and religion, are permitted to a minimal extent. Escalation should be avoided.
  2. No excessive roleplay in public chat.
  3. The use of strong language is permitted in chat. Nonetheless it must remain largely PG-13. (Yes, the F word is allowed.)
  4. Moderators being absent from chat is not license to violate the rules.

5. Enforcement

  1. Wiki staff have the authority to interpret each rule in light of each situation’s unique circumstances. Enforcement and punishment should nonetheless be generally consistent.
  2. Staff should not hand out warnings lightly, so you should not treat warnings lightly.
  3. Do not bug staff to ban/block or unban/block yourself or other users. You can report users, and staff will then act as they see fit.
  4. Standard procedure for chat is to warn first, kick if unheeded, then temporarily ban if problems continue. If a user joins chat for no other perceivable reason than to break rules, a ban may be issued from the start.
  5. Standard procedure for blocking is to warn first, block for a short period of time if unheeded, then to block for a longer period of time or indefinitely. Repeated, malicious vandalism of articles will merit instant indefinite block.
  6. This policy is not exhaustive, and admins may decide to discipline users that they feel are causing problems even without breaking the letter of the law.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.