Ninjago: The Ultimate Quest is a Ninjago story written by TyphlosionMaster1.

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Plot Edit

A group of destined humans r on a quest to find the long lost evolved Golden Weapons. But there is another enemy that seeks to obitain them and use them for his own wicked bidding...

Main CharactersEdit

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  • Roy Brick (Main villain)

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Minor VillainsEdit

  • Dark Creature



Long ago, a mysterious figure searched for the four evolved Golden Weapons. These weapons are more powerful than the normal Golden Weapons and carries immense power. The mysterious figure then created an army of corrupted creatures that seeks revenge on Sensei Wu for banishing them to the underworld...

Chapter 1: The BeginningEditEdit

Sensei Wu: Ahh. So peaceful. "Wu then looked behind him and he got attacked by a dark creature".

Dark Creature: Revenge...!

Wu then used Spinjitzu on this creature and sent it flying onto the wall.

Sensei Wu: Leave this temple now!

Dark Creature: Never! "Attacks Wu and knocks him out"

The creature then takes Wu to a mysterious place.

Mysterious Figure: Did you get him?

Dark Creature: Yes, master. "bows"

Mysterious Figure: Good. Now we must find the legendary weapons. "Snaps finger and a figure comes out".

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Yes master?

Mysterious Figure: I want you to do something. "Takes out a map from his pocket".

Mysterious Figure: I want you to find these. Take an army with you and start.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Yes, master.

Sensei Wu looked from his prison cell and instantly regonized the mysterious figure. His former friend, Roy Brick!

Sensei Wu: You will never get away with this!

Roy Brick: I already have.

Back at the temple.

Typhlo: Ninjago! "Unleashes Fire Spinjitzu".

Nich: Nice! My turn. "Unleashes Lightning Spinitzu".

Typhlo: Too bad that Sensei got captured by that creep...

Nich: Yeah...

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Well, well, what do i see? Two ninjas. "Orders dark creatures to attack".

Typhlo: Ninjago!

Nich: Ninjago!

Both unleashed Spinjitzu and defeated lots of dark creatures.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Stupid minions... well, looks like i will have to take care of these two alone. "Draws his weapon".

Nich: We need to defeat this guy before he defeats us!

Typhlo: Agree.

Both attacks the snake.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Too slow! "Defeats both with ease".

Typhlo: Ouch... This guy knows some tricks.

Nich: Yeah, he didn't even sweat.

The Chapter ends with the Fanpyre Dragon-Snake stands in front of the defeated ninjas, laughing evil.

Chapter 2: Finding the SenseiEditEdit

The Chapter begins from where the first one ended.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Now! I will take you two to my master!

Nich: Never! "Attacks".

Typhlo: For Sensei! "Attacks".

But the ninjas are no match for the serpentine soldier and are defeated.

Roy Brick: Did you get them?

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Yes, master. "Shows him the captured ninjas".

Roy Brick: Good! Take them to the prison cells with the old man.

The serpentine soldier takes the captured ninjas to the prison cells and locks them in.

Typhlo: Sensei!

Nich: Sensei!

Sensei Wu: I am so happy that you are ok, but you two did try to battle a dangerous enemy, you two are not strong enough to take on him yet...

Typhlo: Ok, sensei.

Nich: Ok, sensei.

Roy Brick goes to the prison cells and looks at Wu.

Sensei Wu: Why, Roy!?

Roy Brick: For power of course.

Sensei Wu: You are mad!

Roy Brick; No, no, you you are a fool enough to try to stop me along with these young ninjas...

Typhlo: We don't need power to win over you...

Nich: We need teamwork...

Sensei Wu: Roy, you cannot win alone...

Roy Brick: Can't i?

Sensei Wu: Now!

His students uses Spinjitzu on the prison door to break and get free.

Roy Brick: No! "Calls after the Fangpyre Dragon-Snake".

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: I'll go after them! "Chases after the ninjas".

Roy Brick: Hurry!

The ninjas escape with an army of serpentine behind them and the chapter ends.

Chapter 3: The EscapeEditEdit

The ninjas has begun their escape from Roy Brick and his evil army.

Sensei Wu: We must run into the woods!

Typhlo: Ok!

Nich: Agreed!

The ninjas runs into the woods and hides from the evil army.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: Where are they!? Find them!

The Dragon-Snake commands the army to find the ninjas.

Sensei Wu: We must find a way to sneak away without being found...

Typhlo: Ok...

Nich: Ok...

The ninjas begins to sneak away.

Sensei Wu: Quick! Use the secret tunnel. "Runs into the secret tunnel".

The ninjas follow him in.

Nich: I'm happy that we finally got away.

Typhlo: Yeah.

Sensei Wu:You have much to learn before you can take on Roy Brick, he is an old friend of mine who turned evil because he wanted power.

Typhlo: So Garmadon is behind this...

Nich: But he hasn't been seen on a long time.

Sensei Wu: He escaped because of Roy Brick.

The ninjas finally arrives at the monastery.

Typhlo: We are finally home!

Nich: Yippie!

Sensei Wu: Be ready for Garmadon's return, young ninjas...

Nich: Yes.

Typhlo: Yes.

The ninjas begin there training as the chapter ends.

Chapter 4: The Snake AssaultEditEdit

The ninjas have finally ended their inense training and became ZX ninjas.

Typh: We now have to find those Golden Weapons.

Sensei Wu: Patience, we must also defeat Roy Brick and his army.

Nich: This Roy Brick, who is he?

Sensei Wu: Roy Brick and i was spinjitzu students together, but he became obsessed with using it to take over Ninjago.

Nich: So, he is now searching for the Evolved Golden Weapons to take over Ninjago?

Sensei Wu: It seems so.

Typh: Well, we must stop him from doing this!

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: We meet again, ninjas!

Typh: No, not you again.

Nich: Looks like he's got company.

Venomari Dragon-Snake: It will be my pleasure to destroy the ninjas.

Sensei Wu: Go away from here!

Fagpyre Dragon-Snake: Silence! I am here for the map.

Sensei Wu: The map is not here! Go away!

The Venomari Dragon-Snake spits venom in Wu's eyes and blinds him.

Sensei Wu; I can't see!

Typh: We must attack them.

Nich: Yeah.

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: You are not going to defeat us.

Venomari Dragon-Snake: Attack! "Attacks the ninjas".

Fangpyre Dragon-Snake: You will fall! "Attacks".

The ninjas and the snakes clashes in a epic battle as the chapter ends.

Zane: ninjago! (kills everyone including himself)

Zane in Ninjago