The homemade skateboard of Nick, leader of the Future Fear team, is what Nick is best known for. Not only is Nick a complete klutz without it, but he has found it an invaluable asset in battle.


The skateboard is unlike other Lego skateboards in its composition. It is a black 2x4x⅓ piece, with two black 2x1x⅔ slopes on each end. Connecting these underneath are two black 2x2x⅓ axles with tireless red wheels; the older style in which the components are permanently attached and has an actual axle made of metal.


While at the library in New Ninjago City, when Nick was 8, he stumbled upon a holographic video of someone skateboarding. He was instantly hooked, and began to study the art.

Rummaging around his Uncle Jay's scrap yard, he found the pieces and put them together. Somehow, the piece of junk has survived to this day.

Uses Edit

Nick has at various times used it as a vehicle (duh), projectile (not duh), and shield (wait what).

Users Edit

  • Nick (creator/owner)
  • Dexter (used once as shield and twice to flee fangirls)