As the First Spinjitzu Master, Jonathan prefers to Protect and Defend Ninjago's freedom forever. If he sees any villains in the area, he would engage them The Spinjitzu ways. But for protecting Ninjago he has tough challenges waiting for him like the Serpentine, Skeletons, and Stone warriors, but his biggest challenge lies ahead. And that challenge would be, Facing the Ultimate Evil, Overlord. After the Burecrats's Defeat, He studied every move of his opponent's move just in case they return. So he had two sons Wu and Garmadon. So when he told his sons to protect the weapons, Jonathan and his Brother, Jake built the Elemental Dojo and got new Ninja to protect It. Years Later, he found the Ninja of Fire, Lightning, Earth, Ice, and a couple of old friends in the Museum of History. So now the Ninja are united with the Master, they gear up for the Final and Ultimate Battle against Cherell and Overlord.

Building parts

Ninja form

  • Kai KX ninja hood.
  • Golden Lloyd's face.
  • Golden Ninja torso.
  • Jay KX lego legs.

Sensei form

  • Sensei Wu's hat.
  • Golden Lloyd's Face.
  • Kai KX torso.
  • Cole KX lego legs.

NRG form

  • NRG Jay ninja hood.
  • NRG Kai face.
  • Lloyd KX torso (recolored).
  • NRG Cole legs.

ZX Form

  • Kai ZX ninja hood.
  • Golden Lloyd face.
  • Lloyd ZX torso.
  • Zane DX legs.

DX form

  • Kai DX ninja hood
  • Golden Lloyd face
  • Lloyd DX torso
  • Jay DX legs


  • He is the Father of Wu, Tao, Genjitsu and Garmadon. and he is a grandpa of Lloyd.
  • He is a close friend of Misako.


Ultimate Ninja Raider

Favorite Weapon

The Ultra Blade of Creation


  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • ZX
  • Creation
  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Wind
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