“GIVE YOU WHAT? I've given you the opportunity for revenge, and what do I get back? A FAILURE!”

— Draven to Naomi in 'Chloe: A New Member of the Family'

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Summary Edit

Lord Draven is a major antagonist in the MasterGarmadon102 Universe.

Backstory Edit

During the Moisson - Kimber wars, Draven Collett lived with his mother and father in perfect peace and harmony, until the Moisson - Kimber wars reached their peak, leading to the destruction of their village, killing Draven's parents. Shortly after, Gerald Moisson (not yet a master) adopted him and took him into the Moisson family. When Draven was old enough, he unwillingly began fighting for his adopted family against the Kimber family, suffering a great amount of trauma and stress. This later turned into anger and hate, particularly when his adoptive brother Wilbert Moisson came along. Over a decade later Will met Paige, which greatly angered Draven, believing Will was stupid and was making the circumstances of the war worse, rather than finding a solution to it. He did anything he could to break the two up, only to fail. After finding out they were to marry, he sought to the conclusion that to end the war, he had to eliminate everyone in the Moisson and Kimber families himself. He had help from an outside group, but failed once again, this time being exiled from his village for life. He returned a decade later to find that Paige and Will had three children, and in response to this torched their home, again with help, subsequently killing Paige. At some point he found and slayed an Oni, gaining it's powers. After this he began escalating his evil, starting to attack Ninjago city over many attempts. He them became the main enemy of the Warriors Guild of Ninjago, facing his brother and their children, along with other relatives and non relatives. Upon Chloe's corruption he tried manipulating her into joining him, only to be killed shortly after. Nearly three years later he returned once more, escaping the departed realm as a result of Chloe's resurrection. He then began putting his revenge into action, first by killing his brother, then by luring the children of the Moisson and Kimber families into a trap. After this, we went off to attack Ninjago city, unknowingly being followed. Shortly after he battled with Chloe, whom he eventually 'killed'. He fought the rest of the Warriors Guild of Ninjago, eventually to be cursed by Jayden.

He was later found to have returned, albeit as a shadow, summoned by Naomi, though he remains in the Cursed Realm.

Appearance Edit

Draven typically wears a Crimson coloured cloak (hence earning him the name 'Crimson Murderer'), but his glowing red eyes are visible along with his sharp teeth, very similar to Chloe's during her corruption. Underneath his cloak he wears a dark grey and crimson outfit. His hair is reddish brown (starting to turn grey) and has unusually shaped, dark eyebrows. Draven's skin is also very pale as a result of him consuming excessive amounts of demonic magic. When brought back as a shadow, he is, well... A shadow, of his physical self with glowing red eyes and visible teeth.

Personality Edit

Draven possesses all kinds of negative traits, notably his selfishness, hatred, his ability to deceive and his strong desire for revenge. With his possession of Demonic Magic, he is almost pure evil, and because of this he does not have any known good side.

Abilities Edit

Draven has demonic magic, which he received when he killed a demon (duh!). Almost all of his abilities are unknown, but he can manipulate objects around him, making them do as he desires. He can produce balls of red energy, which can weaken his opponents when hit by them. However as a shadow he cannot use his powers, but can still fight (through shadow logic).

Trivia Edit

  • He was formerly called 'Lord Unknown' in the series as I had NO IDEA what to call him until I finally did come up with a name. This since has been changed.