“This is a battle which in you only can lose!”

— Lord Darkness to Rafad, The Final Showdown Part II
                                                                                                                                                                                 Lord Darkness is a member of the New Anacondrai Tribe created by Rafad Rifers. He is the main villain of Risen From Ninjago.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Lord Darkness is created by Rafad Rifers as the general of the New Anacondrai Tribe. At one day he was conforted by The Overlord who manipulated him to betray his tribe. After many fights he captured Rafad and corrupted him. Later, Rafad was freed and banished Lord Darkness to the Cursed Relam. One year later they visited Lord Darkness and Rafad created a cell wich no one can escape from, however Lord Darkness somehow managed to escape.


Lord Darkness is the villain of the 5. age of Ninjago

He was the main villain of Risen From Ninjago until it was revaled that he is serving The Overlord who is the real main villain. However maybe Lord Darkness is the main villain beacuse he has a bigger role than The Overlord. But The Overlord should count as the Bigger Bad behind the plot.