Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the son of Sensei Garmadon and Misako, and thus the nephew of Sensei Wu. He as born before Darkness fully consumed Sensei Garmadon after The Great Devourer bit him. As the prophesied Green Ninja, he is the most powerful of Sensei Wu's Ninja, as well as their leader. He became the Golen Ninja after he unlocked his True Potential prior to his final battle with The Overlord (possessing Garmadon). When concentrated he could create The Golden Dragon. When Morro possessed Lloyd in Season 5: Possession, Morro created the Morro Dragon.

General description Edit

Lloyd was formerly evil, as Garmadon was evil when Lloyd was young and raised his son to be so. He unleashed the Serpentine onto Ninjago, not knowing the massive repercussions this would cause. Being betrayed by Pythor, he was rescued by the Ninja, and it was revealed that he was the Green Ninja.

Lloyd grew up quickly—instantly,because he used Tomorrow Tea on the Grindle to save Ninjago. And while still chronologically the youngest member of the team, he soon became their wise leader after Master Wu presumbly died. He once became the Golden Ninja in order to defeat the Overlord in the The Final Battle, but he gave up his Golden Power to restore the elemental powers of his friends in Ninjago: Rebooted. He retains his Energy element. However, after his fight with Lord Garmadon in Sons Of Garmadon episode 'True Potential', his Energy element became dormant.

Fan Variations Edit

  • Sensei Lloyd (Future Fear) - In the Future Fear series, Lloyd has become an old sensei and has trained his own team.
  • [1]Lloyd(Ninjago-Injustice) - The ninjago injustice Fanfic Griff tricks Lloyd into killing his wife and unborn Child, 5 years later he became a dictator of ninjago, later being stopped by the insurgency and the main continuity Ninja.