This article is about a fan variation of a canonical character. For the original character, see Lloyd Garmadon.

Lloyd Garmadon is the son of Lord Garmadon and Miranda, brother of Jason, Nephew of Sensei Wu, cousin of Garmadon's unknown nephew (Garmadon's minion) and Rosie Garmadon. he is the Green Ninja and True Main antagonist of Ninjago.


Young Lloyd Garmadon was born to Lord Garmadon and Miranda Garmadon with brother Jason Garmadon. as a baby he was sent to Adoption to Rick Brewer by Garmadon after his mother's death.

Lloyd was a good boy, but had an obsesion with candy, his brothers Jack and Max took some to prevent him from going out of control, reffering to wreak their stuff. Rick's wife Mrs. brewer told Lloyd he is alergict to Candy. Lloyd and his brother Max went to camp Ninjitzu 4 everyone, as Jack went to the Bobbi Wasabi Dojo.

Rick later had Xenna take Lloyd to the Doom Fortress to finaly meet his biological father.

Lloyd released the Snakes and used them to beat Zane until he and the Snakes were captured.

He later realizes he is doing evil and joins the Ninja and hangs out with them and plans to save the world. he meets Daphane and they imediately become friends to move up their relationship. He fights the Nasty nine with an injury.

When Zane came he, Daph, Rachel, Milton and Jerry got confused about his arrival.

800px-Evil Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd Garmadon, in Retaliation


  • He uses Lightning Bolts and Golden Swords.