The Katana of Silver was created by Mercedes V. Orisan when Mercedes was 16 years old, and is infused with her element, Silver, the Katana was later passed down through generations of the Suzuki Clan.  The Katana of Silver was also the reason for the Saito-Suzuki war, and both of the Suzuki-Garmadon wars.


Paralyzing- The Katana of Silver can temproraily Paralyze opponents

Silver- Just like the name suggests, this Katana can use the Silver element, the way it uses it is by releasing it as the user hits their opponent with the sword, which will instantly kill the opponent.


Mercedes Victoria Orisan- The Creator and first Owner of the Katana

Kina Atali- Kina never used this sword, but was the one to pass it on to Mercedes' daughter Bria

Allen Suzuki- Allen Suzuki was the first person to ever fully win the swords alligence

Lloyd Garmadon- Lloyd stole the sword off Sakura, and hid it, thinking it was cursed and it was turning Sakura evil

Sensei Garmadon- The person who started the 2nd Suzuki-Garmadon war

Sakura R. Suzuki- The current owner of the Sword

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