“Hope is never lost, even when its lost, there will always a way to find it. Light always exist, even in the most darkest hours. Even now there is still light in Lloyd, and he is fighting you inside you”

— Jack to The Overlord

Jack "Jackurai" Ryasgard,is one of the main characters in Lego Ninjago the Next Gen Saga.He is one of the students of the original six ninja and the master of Zen.He is an expert in sword fighting

Biography Edit

little is known about Jack`s Life before he became Lloyd,Kai,Nya,Cole and Zane`s Student,The only thing is known is that he was born in Jinrya village,A village similar to Jamanakai he is chronologically 18 the first season of The Next Gen Saga thus making him being in charge and in command of the younger students when the six original Ninja (The current masters) are nowhere to be found

History Edit

Jack first appeared in the first episode of Season 1 of The Next Gen Saga.During his sword training in his village,he was found by Lloyd Garmadon who sensed a mysterious extrodinary power from Jack himself.Lloyd told Jack that he (Jack) was infact the elemental master of some sort thought Lloyd did not know what kind of power Jack possessed and that Jack had to train in order to awaken it.So Jack was introduced to the other students the Ninja has found and befriended them, and started to train with them and was able to unlock spinjitzu during the training in P.I.X.A.L`s obstacle course.

Personality Edit

Jack is probably the most mature of all the students. He is very omptimistic, loyal, forgiving and brave individual. He takes interest in Ninjago`s ancestry, which explains why he called Joe, the master of stone out when he somewhat mocked Ninjago`s history and traditions. Jack is willingly to protect his fellow students and takes a huge responsibility in that

Age Edit

It is confirmed that Jack starts out as a student to Lloyd, Kai, Cole , Jay , Zane and Nya at the age of 18, making him the oldest of all the students, thus making him in command of the students if the masters are gone.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack Ryasgard have a voice similiar to Samurai Jack and has more resemblances to Samurai Jack
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