Hinata was born to Akihiri and Kanna Suzuki, and was their eldest child, she had 2 siblings, a brother named Haru, and a sister named Amara.  When Hinata was 15 years old, she met Prince Stephan, the (at the time) Prince of Ninjago, the two fomed a quick friendship, and that turned into something more. When Hinata and Stephan were 23, he proposed and they got married 8 months later.  When they were 25 they had twins, a boy and a girl, named Amaya Suzuki-Ninjago and Kinsley Suzuki-Ninjago. 


Hinata is kind, caring and shy, she doesn't really like to talk much(unless your her family), but she's not rude.  She also loves to play the Piano and is quite a music-lover.


Hinata had wavy auburn hair down to her waist, Electric blue eyes, and fair skin.  She normally wore a Purple Kimono with a black Obi.


Ivory Oni- Hinata is an Ivory Oni, and as such has their powerset

Shurkens- Her main weapon


Akihiri Suzuki- Father

Kanna Suzuki- Mother

Haru Suzuki- Brother

Amara Suzuki- Sister

Stephan Ninjago- Husband

Amaya Suzuki-Ninjago- Daughter

Kinsley Suzuki-Ninjago- Son

Harumi Suzuki-Ninjago- Great-Granddaughter(by adoption)

Sakura R. Suzuki- Great-Grandneice

Allen Suzuki- Grandson