Nya: Gotcha!

Goldeus: Don't underestimate me!


Goldeus and Lloyd

Goldeus is one of the main atagonists in the series. He has partnered up with Lloyd, Lasha, and Wyplash in the past.

Relationships Edit

Lloyd Edit

When Lloyd summoned the Fangpyre, Goldeus and Lloyd became good friends. They went around stealing sweets and wrecking havoc until Lloyd became good. Goldeus refused to be with the Ninja and went to find the Venomari.

Lasha Edit

When Acidicus and Fangtom agreed to team up and unite the tribes, Goldeus was sorted into a group with Spitta and Lasha. Spitta stayed at the Venomari Shrine to fill up bottles with venom while Lasha and Goldeus battled against the Ninja. The partnership ended when Sensei Wu sealed away the Venomari.

Wyplash of the Fangpyre Edit

In the Fangpyre Revenge Arc, Goldeus bit Wyplash and made him half snake. During the fight against Nya, Goldeus is killed. In the Only Threat to Ninjago Arc, Goldeus was revived to bite Wyplash.

Trivia Edit

  • Goldeus' full name is Goldeus Golden.
  • Goldeus can turn himself into solid gold.
  • His eyes glow purple when he does his Snake Dash.