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Some can be found in the Fire Temple's lava pit. It can only burn those who do not have the power of fire and can also be squeezed into a fiery medicine to cure Frost Bite victims.

Possession Edit

One person that can use it is Kai, the Ninja of Fire. Kai has the power of fire, so he's actually the only one who can get one. He was part of helping Cole get cured from his Frost Bite in the story Kingdom of Ice.

Ray can also use it, since he too uses fire, and any other elemaental fire master. Skylor and her mother can use it since they can use Kai's firepower to use it, since they control all elements. Lloyd can use it since he has energy and elements of creation which are lightning, ice, earth and fire. Lloyd controls fire as well so he can use it.


  • Kai once got one from the lava pit to cure Cole from his Frost Bite.
  • Zane and Jay and Cole cannot get it or hold it, which is why Kai is ever so useful.
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