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Born with multi-personality


Given birth by Acronix (lost in time) and the Overlord, reality was just a small boy lost in the First realm.

Before time had a name, The first spinjitzu master gave birth to Wu, Garmadon, Tao and the final son, Genjitzu.

After helping to create the Forbidden Scrolls of spinjitzu, The First Spinjitzu rewarded him with 5 snakes. He decided to create his own snake, called the Great Devourer, which later bit garmadon. He was pissed and felt guiltly. As a result, he went to find a cure for Garmadon.

He realised that it was destiny that Garmadon would turn evil because of the Balance. Because of fustration of spending a thousand year to find Garmadon a cure, he was resentful and started training to prove destiny wrong.

Later in the years, when the ninja went and fought the Great Devourer, he used his powers to destroy the Great Devourer alongside with Garmadon. But he sacrificed his good side, hoping Garmadon would become good again.

He decided to grant people the ability to create different realms for the exchange of him gaining powers of the realms.

He rested and meditated 500 years, gaining nigh-omnipotence and super fighting, he wanted to destroy all of Evil and said it shouldn't exist, but the Son of Gold and Darkness stopped him.

He became nearly pure evil, leaving with only mercy for people blood related to the First Spinjitzu Master.


He can summon black holes and break reality's laws themselves.


First Spinjitzu Master's Son

Tao's Half Brother

Wu and Garmadon's Brother

Half anacondrai

(Fan Created)

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