“"Do you really ttthink that your meager fire powers will be enough to ssstop me?"”

— General Char to Kai

“"You cannot defeat usss Pyro sssnakes!"”

— General Char to Wu

“"Ssso, you want to become one of usss. Why ssshould I believe you?"”

— General Char to Kai

“"Is turning gold sssupposssed to ssscare me? You get more pathetic every time we meet!"”

— General Char to Golden Nelson

“"Get off of me! I never did like dogsss!"”

— General Char to Toffee as he bites his ankles
General Char is one of the main antagonists in season 11: Fall of the forbidden. He is the general of the Pyro tribe, a group of serpents that can control the element of fire. He is mainly black, with a hood made of fire. He has accents of orange down his front and back. His main weapon is a golden bladed staff. He is known for his extremely powerful fire commanding abilities.
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