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The Garmadons (later called the Greentributes) are the family group of the First Spinjitzu Master's descendants and carry on the elements of Creation, Destruction, Golden Powers, and Energy.

Members Edit

Creation Generation Edit

Last Name: Garmadon

  • Hank (Father)
  • Hank's Wife (Mother)
  • Wu (Son, Youngest Brother)
  • Garmadon (Son, Oldest Brother)

Serpentine War Generation Edit

Last Name: Garmadon

Ninja Generation Edit

Last Name: Garmadon

  • Lloyd M. Garmadon (Father)
  • Harumi H. Garmadon (Mother)
  • Luke G. Garmadon (Son)
  • Children (to be added)

Trivia Edit

  • The added "Hutchins's Generation" has nothing to do with added info about that specific generation, instead covering unknown information in the regular Ninjago timeline.
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