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“You're a real bummer, you know that right?”

— Most people he meets

Genesis "G" Frost was the former Master of Creation, and leader of the New Ninja of Ogaji on Ogaji Earth-2.

He was formally a nindroid created by the inventor Zorcob Frost until he used dark magic to turn himself human. He most recently lead a resistance of the last Elemental Masters, and protected Ogaji from danger.

He used to be a part of the Ninja team of Elemental Masters, until he was consumed by darkness and became the evil Genesis, Deity of Existence. After being defeated and subsequently redeemed following the events of Doomsday, he had his powers taken away as a punishment before earning them back soon after.

Months later, after finding out the Dark Lord Serces had killed his closest friends, he had an outburst of power, which caused the destruction of 1/4 of Ogaji which killed hundreds of people. After that point he retired from being a ninja and tried to escape that life forever.

35 years after his retirement, G and his best friend Tom became teachers for the new group of Elemental Masters, and G learned to love being a Ninja again. After a year of being their teacher, G sacrificed himself to save Ogaji from his evil doppelgänger from Earth-6.

This character is but one of the many people who live in Ogaji, a parallel realm to Ninjago. To learn more about Ogaji and it's people, visit it's Wikia here

History Edit

Early History Edit

G was built by Zorcob Frost sometime after the Extinction of the Elemental Masters as a final resort to killing the Dark Lord, Bamos. He was gifted the element of Creation by the Goddess Earthra some time later.

Zorcob died before G could be finished, and he was released from the lab he was made, and sent out into the world to find his own true potential.

G found his true potential soon after leaving the lab, and found that he could create any physical object he wanted. This did not include magical items.

Milo's Adventures (Series 1) Edit

Chapter 3: The Light Knight Edit

G- Classic

G in The Light Knight

After discovering his true potential, G spent the next few years fooling around and messing about, and learning what he can and cannot do with his powers. When he heard about Team Waters and the Ninja trying to vanquish Bamos, he saw that as a perfect opportunity to show off his cool ability.

He was accepted into Team Waters during the Goblin crisis with Nuero, and played a key role in finally taking him down. He stayed with the Ninja for another few months and helped them defeat the evil ghost king, Phanto.

However, after defeating Neuro and Phanto, he realized that he got really bored when he played along with others. He soon quit Team Waters, but stayed a Ninja to protect Ogaji on his own from other smaller threats.

Chapter 4: Chronicles of G Edit

Almost immediately following his departure from Team Waters, G got a call from another former Ninja, Llide, Phanto's brother. He informed G that a villain they helped defeat had broken out of his prison in the Ghost World, and G was the only one he could call to help him, since the rest of Team Waters was busy dealing with the return of the Shape-Shifter.

G arrived in the Ghost World and joined Llide in locating the escapee (which turned out to be the evil Phanto.)

They found out that he had returned to Ogaji with the help of another escaped prisoner, Chainz. G and Llide took base in Ogaji, and finally tracked them down. G found them moving by flying ship, and G stowaway'd.

On the ship, he found out that Phanto's plan was to mimic that of Morro from Ninjago's, and was going to learn the ancient martial art of Airjitzu, and destroy Team Waters for ruining his original plan.

G then killed Chainz, and took his ghost helmet and put it on. This turned G into a ghost, and when he took it off, it turned him back. So, as a ghost, G pretended to be Chainz and gained Phanto's trust.

Some time later, when he was about to steal the scroll of Airjitzu, G took it and revealed he was an imposter all along. G learned Airjitzu and took Phanto prisoner once again. He returned back to his base to teach Llide Airjitzu, and also fuse the ghost helmet into his ninja suit so he can transform between ghost and nindroid at will.

Some time after Phanto is jailed, G returns to the Ghost World to check up on him. Phanto tricks G, and he accidentally let's him go, and he is forced to chase him back to Ogaji. G chases him to his base and pins him against the two ghost ninja. There came a point where the non-stop power that Phanto possessed was too much for G and Llide to handle, so they went in search of the Staff of Wishes, a mystical item created long ago that is said to grant the wish of anyone who is to wield it. Phanto had used this staff before when he quarreled with the Ninja, and G saw it fitting to use it to bring him to his demise.

G and Llide retrieved the Staff of Magic, and wished for Phanto’s power to be matched. . . the wish was interpreted by the staff slightly different than they had hoped, and Phanto was split in two.

Now there were two of him, one of the two was exactly like the original, but the second one was good. The half that remained good's name was Morro, and he was a cursed elemental master in his life, but now he was a ghost with no powers (like Llide.)

Morro joined G and Llide in their fight against Phanto, and defeated him by throwing him into the pits of Jiho Valley.

After the defeat of the evil Ghost Prince, Morro, G, and Llide came together as a team to protect the Ghost World, and Ogaji, from future threats below the Hero of Light.

Unfortunately, Team Phantom's struggles did not come to an end there, because unbeknownst to the Ghost Ninja, when the dropped Phanto into Jiho Valley, his spirit landed on an old forgotten War Mech, and he possessed it. Some time later, a man who calls himself "the Mechanic" finds Phanto's Mech and takes it into his workshop. He soon finds out that the ghost of Phanto has possessed it, and teams up with him to get revenge on G, and for the Mechanic to get revenge on other scientists who rejected his work. They made a plan to create two massive mechs to use to wreck havoc on their enemies. They created the two mechs, but were stopped by Team Phantom, and Phanto was destroyed forever.

Chapter 5: Last Light Edit

G and the rest of Team Phantom (who now includes Junior, as he split from his ghost counterpart Llide) kept to themselves during most of the events of Last Light until Master Chang opened his island to tourists. The ghost Ninja visited the island, and after some poking around, found out that Chang was planning on stealing Elemental Powers. G and the others reported this to the Ninja, and sent them to the island to stop him.

G- Hands of Time

G during Last Light

From then on, it became harder for G and his team to ignore what was going on. With the new Ninja failing hard at defeating Serces, it became apparent that they needed his assistance. So, G and Morro attempted to follow Serces and his army to learn their secrets. They were caught immediately, much to Serces' delight, and threatened G that if he didn't join him and supply him with whatever armor or weapons he wanted, he would kill his best friend, Morro.

G refused to help him, and Morro was killed. That moment marked G's eventual transition to evil. He later was forced to work for Serces against his will, and tried to find any moment to break out.

There came a point when Serces was distracted fighting his father when G grabbed his Sword of Darkness to kill him, but the power inside the blade was too much for G to handle, and it filled the empty space In his AI and he became infested with dark magic. He used the sword to kill Serces, then Bamos, and finally the remaining Ninja. He then claimed himself Genesis, Deity of Existence. The greatest evil the realm would ever see.

Chapter 6: Children of Creation Edit

During this chapter, Genesis retreated from Ogaji and formed an army of Ninja that very closely resembled those from Ninjago.

It is revealed later that he cursed the Ninja of Earth-3738 and turned them into his army to combat his siblings, Zach and Lavender.

Eventually he would get caught in one last battle with his siblings, and his army is destroyed. Zack and Lavender fuse and become the being known as Hope, but Genesis kills them as well. . .

Between Chapters Edit

Between the two chapters Genesis seeks out the remaining Elemental Masters and kills them all, unknowingly causing the final battle to draw closer.

Chapter 7: Doomsday Edit

After months of preparing, the final fight has arrived.

Genesis attacks the Sacred Realm with a new army of villains- all of which the Ninja have fought before. He killed the three golden goddesses in the process.

Genesis Deity of Existence

G after corruption

From there, the battle moved into Ogaji. Every hero was faced with a villain from their past. One by one, heroes and villains fell.

Those lost in the battle included Junior, Julian, Chrome, and Mason.

There came a point where it was inevitable that the Heroes would loose, and they came together to form a plan. Tom (Morro) remembered that G’s plan was to steal the Element of Light so he could combine it with his powers and become a human, where his powers would have no limit. They realized that if he were to become human, then he would also be subject to the disadvantages of being a human (those being, having to keep up with your body and getting tired.) They came to the conclusion that the only way to defeat him would be to let him win. And they had to make a sacrifice. One of the three Masters of Light had to give themselves up to Genesis. Nobody wanted to do it - Milo was the first to volunteer, but he was their leader and without him they were lost. Timothy and Kaitlin couldn’t do it because they would be losing one or the other.

When it came down to it, Genesis was going to kill Kaitlin, and Timothy knew the only way to save his daughter was to go through with the plan. . .

Timothy allowed himself to be killed by Genesis, and have his power be stripped of him. His teammates watched in horror as a fully all-powerful monster that was Genesis crushed his skull and looked at them in malice. The others knew that it was time. Together, they all used their powers and concentrated them towards Hope, so that they could use their Staff of Time to lower G’s age and strip all the dark magic from him.

They did this, and finally defeated Genesis… The powers of Darkness, Shadows, Golden Power, and Creation left his body, and G fell.

G was now human, and fully good again, but his powers were taken from him as punishment.

It was time now to realize that Doomsday had ended, and the heroes won.

The Elemental Masters went their separate ways, and G rejoined Tom as the last Ninja.

Closing the Circles(Series 3) Edit

Chapter 1: His Return Edit

G- Sons of Garmadon

G in Closing the Circles with his design change after becoming human.

Soon after the end of Doomsday, the remaining ninja came together on the Day of the Departed to mourn the lost Elemental Masters. Meanwhile Bamos’ Watchers (a group of people Bamos assembled together during The Light Knight) were watching G. It turns out that they are planning on resurrecting Bamos and they are going to use G as a sacrifice.

The Watchers try to kidnap G, but he escapes and gets the help of the rest of the remaining elemental masters to take them down. They kill Bamos for good, and the leaders of the Watchers return to the good side.

Soon after, Lord Garmadon makes his return, but his plans are thwarted quickly.

Chapter 5: Of Rotten Heritage Edit

A few months later, Tom finds a staff that belonged to the ancient Half-Oni, and discovered that his father was one. Tom is consumed by his selfish want to meet his father, and joins the Half-Oni. After being imprisoned underground in the Canyon of Demise for so long, the Oni were intent on getting their revenge on the people of Ogaji. First, they must resurrect their queen, and to do so they must collect the four Staffs of Being.


Tom and the Half-Oni

G is in distress, unclear as to why his best friend has suddenly left him, so he seeks out an old friend to help him stop this ancient race of demons. He finds his old friend Sammy Strumar, and the two team up. While taking base in Sammy's island house, G is visited by a man in golden armor. The man reveals himself to be Gordon Gold, the brother of Darius and the First Spinjitzu Master.

He tells G that the only way to harm the Half-Oni is with the Golden Armor, otherwise they are too powerful for a mortal to fight. G, Gordon, and Sammy seek out the armor, meanwhile Tom and the Half-Oni are collecting the four staves.

When the armor and the staves have been retrieved, Gordon passes on it's power to G and Sammy, allowing them to harm the Oni. They make their way to Mount Hera to stop the resurrection of the Oni Queen, but they are too late. G and Tom have a battle of brothers, but Tom is still intent on siding with his ancient brethren.

The Lost Queen commands her army to seek out the Dragons of Life, and use their Elemental Essences to return to Homeworld (the First Realm.)

Gordon, G, Sammy, and Luke Cunningham assemble as the team of Dragon Keepers, and attempts to stop them, but to no avail. The Lost Queen leads her army into the First Realm, and the Dragon Keepers are forced to follow her.

In the Realm of Oni and Dragons it is revealed by Gordon that he is the current Master of Creation, the final element coveted by the Lost Queen. Her plan is to use Tom's power of destruction to destroy the First Realm, and end the eternal war between Oni and Dragon, and then use Creation to create a new realm just for them.

Gordon sacrifices himself to stop the Queen from taking his power, but she does so anyway.

In one final attempt to win over Tom, G apologizes for the way he's been lately. Friends come first, and he should have known that. Tom suddenly snaps out of it, and together, he and G destroy the Lost Queen.

With the army of Half-Oni defeated, Gordon's spirit appears in front of G and gifts him the Element of Creation. He expresses that he has grown, and will be allowed to have it back. He is now however, limited to only creating non-magical items, for the safety of the people, and himself.

The Dragon Keepers, now including Tom, head home, stranding the Half-Oni in the First Realm. G makes a base designed after the Oni's Den, and they move in there.

Chapter 6: Guardians of Existence Edit

One day, months after the defeat of the Lost Queen and her army, G gets an invitation via interdimensional portal inviting him to a tournament. The tournament was said to be only for fun, and they would love if he could attend--alone. G is auspicious of the invite, and enters through a portal without the rest of the team knowing.

He arrives at the site of the tournament, which is on an abandoned realm in the Ethereal Divide. There he meets several other Elemental Masters (and non-masters,) who have also agreed to join. He finds out later that these characters were from several other realms and timelines, meaning whoever put them together went through great lengths. G meets the head of the tournament, Gabe, and he is shown the bracket.
G VS Alice

G Vs. Alice (designed by @colbymockingjay1)

G was pit up against a girl named Alice with the Element of Golden Power. She came from a timeline of Ninjago where she inherited her power after the Overlord was destroyed by Zane in 2014. Their fight was to be the very first.

G defeated Alice by a landslide, moving him on to the next round.

G had some down time before his next round, but found that he would be put up against a young woman with the power of Decipher named Rune. She was from a timeline of Ninjago similar to Earth-81.

During his time off, he met two boys, Millennium (Master of Madness,) and Gabe, another Master of Golden Power. He became good friends with the two of them during the time in the tournament.
G VS Rune

G VS. Rune (designed by @gdsstudios)

G's next round in the tournament was here, and he was a bit worried. Rune was a powerful foe. They fought a hardy battle, but it came down to Rune as the victor, in an even match. G had lost, and was to be sent home, like the other losers. G refused to go home, interested in the sport, and supportive of his new friends.

G remained as a spectator until the final round. The winner achieved victory, and Gabe congratulated him while the loser went home. G went to congratulate the winner as well, but stopped when he overheard them talking. He found out that the two were actually members of an elite group called the Guardians of Existence, and they have taken the losers of the tournament as prisoner so they can steal their Elemental Power. G destroyed the two Guardians, and returned home with the news.

When he arrived at their base, he found that Jay has returned home to Ninjago Earth-17, and came back telling the others that there are these masters going around calling themselves Guardians of Existence, and they kidnapped his friends.

G had the same story and they tracked them down. They found out that the Guardians were lead by Clouse, who was now the King of the Underworld. G and the others found out that the Guardians kidnapped the Elemental Masters in order to somehow break Clouse out from the Underworld. The rest of the Guardians, as well as Clouse were killed, and G and Jay's friends were rescued.

Millennium thanked G, and said that next year they might host another tournament (with a less sinister plot behind it!)

Chapter 7: Mirror Me Part 1 Edit

Not too long after returning home, with Zane, Jay, and Kaitlin having joined the team, the Dragon Keepers suddenly got a staticky message asking for help. G, Sammy, Luke, and Tom recognized the voice... Gordon Gold was alive. Somehow he must have gone into hiding after apparently faking his own death.

The Keepers arrive at the First Realm to find Gordon being pursued by Lord Dimmick and a man in a black helmet. Lord Dimmick had teamed up with Mr. E, and found themselves stranded in the First Realm. The only way to return home would be for Mr. E to regain his strength, by stealing Gordon's Golden Power.


Serces' malfunctioned cloak

It came down to a final confrontation, and the Ninja concentrated their power at Mr. E, hoping to kill him. In reality, all they did was reveal his true form. He was Serces, the Sorcerer of Shadows, and he survived being possessed by G during Doomsday. Mr. E reveals that he has taken control of G's Nindroid body after he abandoned it. He has also been watching him from the very beginning. He was a part of the Watchers of Bamos, and then the Half-Oni. Finding out G's strengths and weaknesses until he could finally destroy him forever.

Serces kills Dimmick, pointing out that he only needed Garmadon's Oni blood to cross over into the First Realm, and gets ready to kill the Dragon Keepers. The Ninja are quick thinking, and knock out Serces for a while. They end up disrupting his cloak device, and he is stuck in the body of Eracna, the Half-Oni.

The Ninja and Gordon retreat back home, stranding Serces in the First Realm, leaving him to writhe in anger and desperation for their blood...

Chapter 8: Mirror Me Part 2 Edit


Serces possessing G's nindroid body

Serces' plans for the Dragon Keepers was not yet over. He sought out the help of an ancient demon spirit to aid him in his quest to destroy G. He used the demon's powers to return to his usual form (see right,) and realized that he could become all powerful by not only looking like G, but taking his power. Unfortunately, taking away the most powerful element there is is impossible for Serces in the state he is in.

He and the demon (Majora) create the ultimate device: the Gauntlet of Creation, to do their bidding. With it, they will be able to duplicate his power, and become evenly matched. The only way to power it however, is to steal the Elemental Essences from the masters of the Elements of Creation.

In retaliation, G created the Gauntlet of Destruction to steal the elements of destruction to become the same amount as powerful and destroy the other gauntlet.

Serces ended up killing Jay, Zane, Sammy, and the new master of fire, and G got most of the elements of destruction before both gauntlets were destroyed when they clashed.

G's team had been depleted, and deep inside he hoped that his friends would return to him after Serces and the gauntlet were destroyed, but that was not the case... His friends were gone forever.

With that realization, G became angry. He was so angry that he created a massive object, bigger than half the moon, and smashed it onto Serces, killing him and everyone around the area...

Only G, Tom, Kaitlin, and Gordon survived.

They promised that they would rebuild Ogaji no matter what. They did, but once it was over, G felt a crash of responsibility for what he had done.

Realizing his immense mistake, he retired from being a Ninja, and swore off the use of his power unless for dire circumstances. He moved far away from the battle cite (which would later become the Edge of the World,) with Tom where he would remain for 35 years.

Rebirth (Series 4) Edit

Chapter 1: The New Elemental Masters Edit

G 35 years later

G 35 years later

After 35 years of retirement, G and Tom return to the Ninja business when Gordon Gold says he needs someone to teach the New Elemental Masters the arts of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu. G agrees to teach the new class of Masters, and realizes that when there are people that defend, there are people to defend from.

A group of rogue Elemental Masters that go by the name of The Gifted begin a streak of burglaries across the city before they make their biggest heist yet, and steal the Power Crystal. With that, they show Ogaji that they get what they want when they want it, and they won't be stopped.
New Elemental Masters

G's students (Jordan, Sid, Chad, Nelly, and Trevor. Not shown: Sheila)

G and his newly formed team of Ninja go after the Gifted, and try to halt their attempt to resurrect Serces (who they refer to as "The Ancient One.")

The Gifted are successful in resurrecting him, but it didn't go as they planned. They used the Master of Speed, Raphael, as a host body for the resurrection, and Serces didn't come back as himself.

When Serces was killed, he was thrust backwards through dimensions until he remained in the Ethereal Divide, where his power of Shadows lingered. Now Raphael was powered with the Element of Shadow, and killed the other Gifted for causing him pain. He then goes after the new Elemental Masters to prove his might, when Chad, the Master of Amber, absorbs his power and uses it against him, defeating him again, which causes a massive blast of energy to burst from their combining powers that reaches into the sky.

G and his Team take base in the Ogaji Desert Palace, and train for any future attacks on Ogaji.

Chapter 2: Scavengers Edit

A week after the defeat of the Ancient One and the Gifted, G and the others feel a disturbance at the Edge of the World. He, Jordan (Masters of Gravity and Sound), and Sid (Master of Nature) go to investigate. They find there two men and a monster. They were the Scavengers, a crew of space thieves that travel the galaxy stealing from planet to planet. G found out that the Master of Ice (Sheiver) from the Gifted had joined them, and they were at the Edge of the World to find a power source for their captains ship.

The power they found was of the Infinity Crystals. Only two remained after they had been used to resurrect the Ancient One, and those were the Allpower Crystal and the Reality Crystal. One of the Scavengers (Morgum) had held the Reality Crystal in his hand, and it's power caused an elemental reaction which brought G and the others to their location.

The Scavengers introduced themselves to G, being Sheiver, Morgum, and a red alien named Kraglin. Sheiver took the Reality Crystal from Morgum and used it to trap G and Jordan in the Ethereal Divide, leaving Sid behind with the Scavengers.

In the Ethereal Divide, G was contemplating what their next move should be, and realized their powers were ineffective in this realm. There, they met a boy from the Ogaji Space League with the Elemental Power of Wormhole manipulation. His name was Exio, and he got outsmarted by the Scavengers a few days ago, and ended up getting stuck in one of his own wormholes. He said he has been tracking them for months, and he thought he had them when they crash landed on Ogaji, but they had more help than before. (That being Sheiver.)

A few hours later a wormhole opened up and the three of them were dragged out. They were brought to the Gifted's old base in an abandoned factory by the Scavengers. There, they met the terrible Captain Zelok.

The Scavengers

The Scavengers (Kraglin, Zelok, and Morgum)

Zelok demonstrated to the Ninja that his lust for power is unmatched, and he would do anything to get what he wants. He instructs his crew to return to the Edge of the World to search for the remaining Infinity Crystal.

While Zelok's back is turned, G and the others manage to escape as well as steal the Reality Crystal. They soon meet back up with the other Elemental Masters at the Desert Palace and inform them of the danger. They gather around in the main foyer and discuss a plan...

Meanwhile, the Scavengers were unable to find the Allpower Crystal, and arrived back at their base to find their prisoners escaped... Knowing the Captain would be angry, they staged a bank robbery in Ogaji City to lure G over to take back the Crystal.

G arrives at the scene with Tom, Nelly (Master of Energy), Sid, and Trevor (Master of Lightning.) They free the prisoners in the bank and fight the Scavengers. Halfway through the fight, Zelok arrives in his ship (via remote piloting) and evens out the battle by shooting at the Ninja. His ship ends up crashing on Sid, leading the Ninja to flee, and dropping the Reality and Power Crystals behind (Tom had previously stolen the Power Crystal.)

The Ninja return to the Palace and make preparations to storm the Scavengers base and defeat them once and for all. Meanwhile, the Scavengers give the two crystals to Zelok, and they go to the Edge of the World and find the Allpower Crystal. With this power, Zelok grows into a monstrous black beast with teeth and fangs as sharp as knives. Sheiver reveals that there is a single Crystal in the desert palace... The Realm Crystal.

The Scavengers attack the Palace, and they kill the Royal Guards. The Ninja attempt to hold them back but they are unable, and Zelok takes the Realm Crystal... He devours it, and grows double his size. To test his power he grabs G and attempts to murder him but he is stopped by a blast from behind. He turns to find that Sid survived the crash, and unlocked his Ultimate Potential, and is now the Ultimate Master of Nature. He regroups the Ninja and they take one last stance against Zelok. They battle, and Zelok ends up consuming Exio, taking his power.

Now with his combined abilities, he opens up a portal to the Sacred Realm... He announces that he will enter this realm to take the remaining power he desires... He takes his steps towards the portal as the Ninja try and stop him, when all hope seems lost, Sheiver freezes the Ninja in their place with his power.

Zelok turns to see Sheiver with his fists glowing with power. He takes off his mask to reveal his identity... He is a cursed ghost. Sheiver creates an icicle and shoves it through Zelok's heart. He reveals that his plan was for Zelok to open the portal all along, and the only reason he didn't do it himself was because he knew all the power would destroy him.

He walks into the portal... and the doorway closes. The remaining Scavengers flee as the Ninja defrost... and Sheiver takes his first steps into the Sacred Realm.

Chapter 3: The Deicide Edit

At the Desert Palace, the Ninja were training as usual and doing their busy things when a strange gust of wind appeared from out of nowhere.

The front guards were disarmed by a mysterious ghost like man, and the ninja were alerted. The ghost man stormed through the palace, cutting through anyone and everyone that got in his way until he found Sheila (the Master of Metal.) She fought back, but the ghost man took her.

On his way out of the castle he was caught by G, and let Sheila go. As he did this he disappeared…

The Ninja became frightened by what just happens, and decided to keep Sheila heavily guarded in the throne room in case anything like that was to happen again.

G made note that he appeared to have the element of Wind. The only other person with that element would be his old friend Llide… meaning that he stole his power. G became furious, and swore he’d destroy whoever messes with a member of Team Phantom.

Meanwhile, the ghost man visits Gordon Gold at his house.

He attacked him, and told him what he had done. He introduced himself as The Deicide, killer of gods, and Gordon was his next target.

They fought for a minute, and Gordon’s house was heavily damaged, but he managed to make it out alive. The Deicide swore he would return for his head, and disappeared once again.

Gordon sent out a distress call to the Ninja, explaining what happened, also confirming that the Deicide killed Llide.

G figures out that he’s probably going after people who are related to those were in Team Waters, and so he sends Chad, Sheila, and Sid to Gordon’s to hide out.

They also call Simon (Sid's father) to come and make sure that Sid’s ok.

Simon goes to Gordon’s, and he fights the Deicide. The Deicide reveals that he is Jonah, the head knight that was killed by Belkoff in The Light Knight. He said he is back for revenge because Team Waters took what was his away from him (being the hero of Courage) so he took the powers of the god of Courage to be more powerful than Timothy ever was.  

Jonah kills Simon in front of his son, and Sid fights him. Jonah almost kills him but he disappears.

They all realize they have to end this once and for all and go back to the palace. They all take their positions at the castle when he arrives. They all fight, but Sheiver arrives, claiming that Jonah is his enemy as well, and he is there to help, if only for now.

Sheiver encases Jonah In Ice, And tells G to use fire power to melt him so that he would evaporate. He realize this will kill him too, but does it anyway.

Sheiver seems to sacrifice himself, but Jonah dies and he doesn’t.

Sheiver takes the power of Wind and Life from Jonah and he becomes the God of Courage.

He tells G that their fight is not over yet, and he will return.

Chapter 4: No Laughing Matter Edit

Months later, G is woken up in the middle of the night to fighting downstairs. He goes to investigate and finds that all of the Palace's guards, including Tom, Nelly, Sid, and Jordan have disappeared.

The remaining Ninja search for them, and find out that the Skulkin King, Laughy has taken them into the Underworld.


Laughy, the King of the Underworld

G and the others fight back against his Skulkin army, all the while running from Laughy himself. They soon find out that his goal is to steal the Dragonbone blade that was given to Chad by Gordon Gold, in order to awaken the Dry Dragon, so he can properly transcend into Ogaji.

The Ninja find a way to the Underworld, and confront him face-to-face. Laughy transforms their friends into Skulkin, so they are forced to fight them.

Chad uses the Dragonbone Blade to free them of their curse, but he is killed, causing him to drop the blade. Laughy takes the blade, and mounts the Dry Dragon.

The Ninja, now united, return to Ogaji to find that Laughy and the Dry Dragon are causing havoc in Ogaji City. They finally defeat him by combining all of their Elemental Powers at once, which also breaks the curse on the Dry Dragon. Before Laughy was killed however, he revealed that Chad is still alive... but not in the way they think.

The Ninja return home now, and mourne the loss of Chad. . .

Chapter 5: Ipseity Crisis Edit

G and the others are grieving Chad's death when they get a call from the Palace of Ogaji. They find out that a new villain has teamed up with Sheiver, and is planning on killing the Emperor and Empress. Half the team goes to investigate, and they return with the news that they think the new villain might be Chad.

The villain, a Skulkin called Cross, demonstrated traits only a student of G would have, being that of possessing the skills of Airjitzu and Spinjitzu, which only G teaches.

They soon find out that Sheiver kidnapped Chad (who he calls "Cross") when he reformed in the Underworld, and made him believe that the Ninja were his enemy. He let him unlock his Elemental Power, and planned on stealing the Golden Light that he possessed.

Cross attacks the Desert Palace and steals the Dragonbone Blade. With it, he somehow mixes up the brains of Sheila, Trevor, and Jordan.

Sheivers plan backfires when they use the Staff of Wishes to fix their brains, and return Chad to normal. Chad seals Sheiver in the Dragonbone Blade, and they assume he is finally defeated.

Meanwhile a man in a silver Ninja gi picks up the Time Temporal and opens a portal...

Chapter 6: Into the Mult-G-Verse Edit

G and his students were doing their usual training at the Desert Palace when they are suddenly attacked by a man in a silver Ninja gi. They fight him off and come to the conclusion that he is a Master of Creation.

This introduces to G the concept of the Ogaji Multiverse, and that there are other timelines of Ogaji where alternate versions of G exist.

Later that day they are visited by another version of G (who they nickname Jolly due to him being much more happy than Master G.) Jolly warns them that the G they previously encountered, who is called Silver, has made an army of other Gs to make himself king of Ogaji. He explains that on the earth he is from, he is the king, and assumes that he can take over since it is his birth right.



Master G has the idea to combat his army of Anti-Gs with an army of their own, and they do so.

With his army of Gs, they combat the Anti-Gs and eventually get rid of all of them by destroying the Time Temporal they came from.

They assume Silver disappeared with the others, but he turns out to be alive. He returns and attacks, now realizing the only way to get what he wants is to do the job himself.

He attacks the Ogaji Royal Palace, and the Ninja try to stop him, but they are unable. Silver wrecks complete havoc on Ogaji City, and G realizes that he can't kill him, as their power is matched. He comes to the realization that the only way to kill him, is to kill himself. Being the Prime G, every G that belongs to the Ogaji Multiverse would be killed, including Silver

G explains his plan to his students and Tom, and even though they don't want him to go, they realize that it's for the greater good of Ogaji.

Before he leaves, G bestows the title of Ninja to all his students and they say goodbye.

He meets Silver at a village and they fight, while G has the intention of dying. He swirls Silver's sword at himself and is stabbed in the chest.

As G’s life force fades, Silver laments that he is damning Ogaji’s Balance, and he will be killing every other G in the multiverse, to which G replies, “Except for one” before dying.

Silver fades away, and the destruction he caused does too.

The chapter ends with G waking up in a white room wearing a blank silver gi, his appearance matching that of himself 35 years ago. His brother and sister appear next to him and hold out their hand for him to take; he does so, and they drift off into the Departed Realm. . .

Description Edit

Before redemption Edit

When G was created, he was built to look like an average sized, average weight 17 year old boy. He had slim black eyebrows and long black hair, and a small notch below his left eye from being dropped during production.

From his creation up to Chronicles of G, his favorite color was silver, and subsequently wore silver ninja attire. His hair was black and unkempt, and wore it down. After his transition to Team Phantom, he started wearing dark green, and wore silver headphones over his head, whether or not there was music playing.

After redemption Edit

During Doomsday he stole Kaitlin's Golden Power, and became a full human. When he was redeemed, he no longer possessed his robot body, but still retained some of his key features. He was still slim and average, and looked like a 17 year old with long black hair. However, now his eyebrows were more bushy, which was more accurate to the average person, and he had lost the notch below his eye.

However, he now had a scar in the shape of an Ogajin "G" over his right eye, from when his powers became so great in his evil form that it burst through him.

35 years later Edit

35 years after G quit being a Ninja, he began to grow out his moustache, and a goatee (even though he expressed as a teenager that he hated the way it looked on him.)

He cut his hair in a crew-cut, signifying he is no longer an immature boy, but a man.

Age Edit

G was created about immediately after the closing of the Extinction of the Elemental Masters, and was active from the beginning of Milo's Adventures to the end of Closing the Circles. Considering Milo's Adventures started 16 years after Zorcob Frost died, and the entirety of Milo's Adventures and Closing the Circles was about 39 years. So, G's biological age would be around 55 years old. However, he was born a nindroid, and was built to look around 17. When he was redeemed and turned human, his biological clock began to finally tick, and he now ages like a normal person, meaning he is around 19 at the end of Closing the Circles.

As of his death, he was 53 years old.

Personality Edit

G is described by his friends as a headstrong and impatient powerhouse. He leaps into battle without thinking of the consequence, and uses his might over his mind. Due to his incredible ability, he is regarded as possibly the strongest Elemental Master. Because of this, he has a big head, and can be a little narcissistic at times. He is also a joker, when something bad is happening he usually laughs it off. When his friends are down, he tries to make them laugh until they feel better. G also gets depressed when things don't go his way, and tends to dwell on the past rather than living in the present.

He also has a very active imagination, he always thinks up new ideas for plans, vehicles, weapons, and armor. Because of this he is the one that designs most of his students' suits.

G is additionally very determined, and when he has his mind set on something, he doesn't let it go. Because of this, he has an intense hate for the villains he fights, and doesn't let them go until he knows he's won. Part of this causes him to be stubborn at times, and can get quite sarcastic.

He has also been known to have an extreme temper. Usually when things don't go his way, he goes berserk. He does not know how exactly to deal with his emotions, and when dealing with loss, will isolate himself.

Quotes Edit

"I seriously doubt you can pull it off, just give it to me."

"Our world was built on spite, and unfortunately we're some of the idiots who've been burdened with protecting it. Let's at least do it right."

"Oh this is peachy 'effin keen."

"That's too bad, I was hoping we could kick his butt..."

Relationships Edit

G made friends with basically everyone he met, as long as they more or less agreed with him. Those who he saw are outsiders, or just might not like him, he didn't tolerate well. Because of this he tended to take every friendship he had and magnify it like it's bigger than it is. This caused him to sometimes drive people away.

Other than that, he mostly had a brotherly relationship with some of the other Elemental Masters closer to his age. Since Rebirth, he has adapted a teacher/ father relationship with his students.

Love interests Edit

G had rarely come across someone who he actually felt genuine love for. Due to living the majority of his life as a droid, he never learnt love, and therefore rarely experienced it. However, when asked, he would have told you he is open to any and all people for a relationship, regardless of gender.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Elemental Power Edit

G possesses the Element of Creation, meaning that he has the ability to create any solid object at will from thin air. When G first unlocked his true potential, he was unable to create items of magical or elemental power, but since his turn to evil, and soon after redemption, G is able to create any item he wants from only thinking about it for a short time.

He has also gone on to possess several other Elements including Golden Power, Shadow, and Darkness during his time as the evil Genesis, and the power of Golden Light briefly in His Return.

Armor Edit

Phantom G

G in his Phantom Armor

G's armor has varied over his years as a ninja. When he first joined Team Waters he wore standard silver ninja gi's and armor that matched that of the Ninja in Ninjago (after having inspiration from visiting so many times.)

During Chronicles of G, he got hold of his special Phantom Armor which allowed him to transform between ghost and nindroid at will. He obtained it after stealing the ghost warrior, Chainz, helmet and infusing it with his Deepstone gi, giving it a strange effect. The suit was destroyed during Doomsday during his transition back to human.

Weapons Edit

G tends to primarily use weapons that he thinks up of off the top of his head. His most common is the green and silver katana, but he often chooses impractical options such as car batteries and computers to throw at enemies.

Other weapons he is most known for using include:

  • The Staff of Creation (his "Golden Weapon of Spinjitzu" weapon he made up himself)
  • The Elemental Blade of Creation (based on the Ninjago Elemental Blades)
  • Green and silver Techno Blade
  • Black and green Jade Blade
  • Silver and green Aeroblade
  • Staff of Creation Departed Blade (A blade he made based off of Yang's Departed Blades)
  • The Phantom Mask (A mask G created, based off of the Oni Masks, that would turn him into a ghost while wearing it.)
  • Golden Armor (used in Of Rotten Heritage so that he would be able to harm the Half-Oni)

Ogaji Multiverse Edit

Within the multiverse of realms there not only exists the 15 current Realms, but infinite timelines within the realms.

Into the Mult-G-Verse-1549335164

Ogaji has only been opened up to two other timelines throughout it's history, those being Earth-1 and Earth-3. In each different timeline, there is a different variant of most (If not all) of the characters within the realm, meaning there is a "G" within each realm.

Due to each timeline varying in their history, not every version of G had the same experiences as the "Prime G" (who hails from Earth-2.) A big misconception is that the G from Battles of Doomsday is the G from the Prime Timeline, but that is false. The G from BoD comes from Earth-1, which explains why he was not able to reunite with the Ninja after Doomsday.

Gs throughout the timelines include:

  • Earth-1: A world where Serces took over in the months following the beginning of Last Light, it is a timeline abandoned by the Gods where most of Ogaji is in ruin and Elemental Masters that survived Serces' blight hide in the shadows. The G from this world is hidden away in the far reaches of Ogaji's mountains with several other Elemental Masters including his best friends Tom and Llide; he is technically the same G from Earth-2 but his history changes after Last Light.
  • Earth-2: The "Prime Timeline" where the Gods focused the prophecy on after their failed attempt in Earth-1. The G here follows the exact history described in the History above.
  • Earth-3: A world without the Prophecy of the Hero of Light where the whole realm is involved in a massive war. The G from this world is not an Elemental Master, nor a nindroid, and works for the cooperation that is trying to end the war by destroying the Master of Form. He is the most powerful bounty hunter, known by many as the Hunter With No Prey, due to his ability to kill anyone he is assigned.
  • Earth-4: Ogaji Earth-4 is a place governed by music. Everything to the waves to the sea to the blow of the breeze is riddled with tunes. The G from this world is a warrior of peace, and fights to protect his peaceful world from the evil of silence in any way he sees fit.
  • Earth-6: The G from this world, who goes simply by Silver, became the King of Ogaji after taking over the whole realm with his power of Creation.
  • Earth-10: The G from this world has gone through the events of Doomsday, yet still possesses his Ghost Armor. This version is more fun-loving and jolly than the other Gs, and expresses himself more often, sporting his favorite colors and being more open about his feelings.
  • Earth-15: The G from this Earth became part of the Ogaji Space Force some time after Doomsday, and has unlocked some sort of green energy power that has unknown origins.
  • Earth-17: On Earth-17, G is part of a group called the Next Generations. Many attributes of G in this world vary from the others, as he has longer darker hair that he wears in a bun, and green eyes. He too possesses Energy as an Element as well as Creation. The G from this world also has a metal arm, and is more smug and confident than the Gs of other worlds. He is one of the few that was not born a nindroid.
  • Earth-25: An earth connected to Ninjago Earth-25. The G from this Earth did not retire after Mirror Me Part II, and experienced the Oni Invasion of Ninjago along with the other Dragon Keepers.
  • Earth-30: Another earth where G did not retire, on this earth, G continued to make annual visits to Ninjago. He made one visit to Ninjago and found that the Ninja were in a civil war with each other. He knew that there will be repercussions if the Ninja didn't make up, so he attempted to intervene.
  • Earth-43: Earth-43 is a world that was invaded by the Oni. They attacked, and attached themselves to Elemental Masters like hosts. G was one of the few that evaded their attack, but only barely. Soon he was found and tortured by them... When he was set free he no longer had his powers, and was scarred on his face and body. He did not know that when he left the Oni had left him with a piece of their symbiotic virus...
  • Earth-49: This G, who has gone through the events of Doomsday, has journeyed to Ninjago and made friends with other Elemental Masters of that world.
  • Earth-50: Not much is known about this G except that he did not go through the events of Doomsday.
  • Earth-55: G from Earth-55 is also on the Ogaji Space Force, and serves with his partner Sofi. He too has gone through the events of Doomsday.
  • Earth-71: On Earth-71, G lacks many of the qualities that fit him in with the others. He does not sport any of his signature colors, and lacks Elemental Power. Although he was born in Ogaji, he moved to Ninjago to work with the Sons of Garmadon.
  • Earth-75: G of Earth-75 is the most unique of the bunch. He is quieter and more mysterious than his fellow Gs, and has snow white hair with a blue streak over the front. His Gi is silver and black, and he takes more leadership than the others. His blank silver eyes imply he may be blind, but that is yet to be confirmed.
  • Earth-77: A world where being unarmed is a crime, this G (who is also part of the Ogaji Space League) searches Ogaji City for those without weapons and arrests them.
  • Earth-80: G of Earth-80 is one that has gone through the events of Doomsday, and subsequently left the Ninja team. He moved to the world of Chima where he was introduced to Chi, and given it's powers to hold in his chest.
  • Earth-81: The G from this earth did not go through the events of Doomsday, but still closely follows the history of Ninjago Earth-81.
  • Earth-82: The G from this world is one of the only survivors of a nuclear apocalypse, and he and two other Elemental Masters team up with an ex-Dragon Hunter to take down Ogaji's tyrannical king, the Iron King.
  • Earth-88: G of Earth-88 is a knight of Ogaji that possesses the power of speed.
  • Earth-95: On this earth, G and Team Phantom became famous after their defeat of Phanto. With their success, drama soon followed, and G and the other Elemental Masters became unraveled in a terrible plot with many twists and turns.
  • Earth-96: A world very closely tied to Earth-95, on this earth, G is part of a team of Elemental Masters that consist of some of the children of the Ninja, and other heroes, some of which appear in Legend of Nya.
  • Earth-100: Not much is known about the G from this world except his connection to Ninjago. G met a girl from Ninjago named Alice with the element of Golden Power, and he moved to Ninjago to train as a Ninja with her.
  • Earth-113: Not much is known about the G of this world except that he has gone through the events of Doomsday. The Gi he wears is called the New Generation Gi.
  • Earth-131: The G of this world went through the events of Doomsday, but when he was turned human, he more closely resembled his biological age. G is now an old man, but still tries to be a Ninja...
  • Earth-137: G is the first line of experimental Nindroids given elemental powers. His programming was incomplete, which caused him to become partially self-aware. He escaped from the facility he was created in, and embarked on a journey to discover his purpose in the world.
  • Earth-179: Not much is known about the G from this world. Those who have encountered him have described him as "pretty chill, not interesting to talk to at all."
  • Earth-200: The G of this world possesses a green energy power, and did not go through the events of Doomsday.
  • Earth-266: This G possesses not only the power of creation, but is also a master of magical arts.
  • Earth-321: Not much is known about the G of this world except that he is a part of a team of Ninja that consist of a Skulkin and a Pirate.
  • Earth-490: This G has turned into a Knight of Ogaji, and serves with other Elemental Masters to protect the realm.

Trivia Edit

  • G's favorite color was green, but he primarily used silver ninja gi because he preferred to save green for special occasions.
  • G was claimed to be the most powerful of all the elemental masters, because not only did he possess the element of creation, but he also once held the powers of darkness, shadow, golden power, and golden light at one time.
  • G's full name is 'Genesis', but he preferred to go by "G" because he thought it just sounds cooler.
  • G comes from the realm of Ogaji, a parallel realm to Ninjago.
    • G has commented on Ninjago and Ogaji's differences, and claimed that Ogaji is like Ninjago's "chaotic mess of a sibling."
  • Even though he prepared the Ninja of Ninjago for Doomsday, they never took part in it directly.
    • A non-canon sequel to Battles of Doomsday featuring G during the events of Sons of Garmadon was released on January 12th 2019. To read it, click here
  • Even though G's first canonical appearance was in The Light Knight, he has appeared in the most episodes out of any other character. Milo has appeared second most, and Tom is the third.
  • G has remarked that his favorite quest he's been on was defeating Phanto with his original team which consisted of Tom, Llide, and Jr.
  • Although claiming in The Light Knight that he prefers to work alone, he has since only been shown facing off against evil with a team.
    • It could just be possible that he merely grew used to the company after his time on Team Waters.
  • Although he only appeared around half-way into the original Milo's Adventures, G is the main character throughout all of Legends of Ogaji.
  • G made his final debut as a main character in Into the Mult-G-Verse when he sacrificed himself to save Ogaji from his evil doppelgänger from Earth-6.
  • G has lead three teams of Elemental Masters, Team Phantom, the Dragon Keepers, and the New Ninja of Ogaji.
  • He has been noted to be the first Elemental Master of Ogaji to learn Airjitzu. He is responsible for teaching the others the martial art, meaning that the practice is mainly done by that of the Ninja, and it's uncommon to find a villain with that power.

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Galvatream's Universe Edit

Although G does not appear in any of Galvatream's stories, this is what he would look like if he did.

This version of G hails from Earth-25.

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