“Forbidden Spinjitzu CAN DESTROY US ALL!! It can cause so much damage to any dark force.”

Forbidden Spinjitzu is the eighth episode of Season 13.

It aired Worldwide on April 18 on Cartoon Network as part of "Into the Realms Part 3".


The ninja must defeat the samurai and snakes using forbidden spinjitzu.


Ice Emperor - He knows the ways of Forbidden Spinjitzu! Retreat!!!

Aspheera - He knows the ways of Forbidden Spinjitzu! Retreat!!!

Lloyd - Alright Kai, you got them to retreat.

Kai - Yeah, but we still need to defeat them.

Skylor - Kai, all of us need to learn Forbidden Spinjitzu.

Kai - The scroll got torn to bits, but I can teach you.


DSM - Alpha, whats wrong.

Alpha - Ugh!!! I sense something.

DSM - What do you sense.

Alpha - The ninja have figured out the power of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Scroll.

DSM - Forbidden Spinjitzu, what are you talking about?

Alpha - So your brother didn't tell you, how foolish of him.

Alpha - Forbidden Spinjitzu CAN DESTROY US ALL!! It can cause so much damage to any dark force.

DSM - So we need to create something bigger, stronger than ever!!

Alpha - Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

DSM - Yes I am!

Kingdom of Peace

Kai - Okay guys, do you get it.

Lloyd - Yep.

Kai - Now its time to defeat the samurai and snakes.

Zane - Samurai and Snakes, give up already.

Ice Emperor - Oh no the ninja, they all know forbidden spinjitzu!!!!

Aspheera - I can't believe I'm saying this, but we need to work together, Ice Emperor.

Ice Emperor - Its useless!! We are all dead.

Kai - Okay guys, the Tornado of Forbidden Spinjitzu, LETS DO THIS. FIRE

Cole - Earth

Jay - Lightning

Nya - Water

Lloyd - Energy

Everyone else - NINJA-GO!

Lloyd - Uh, did we win?

Jay - I'm to tired to get up.

Cole - We did it!!

Kai - The Kingdom of Peace, its peaceful, and the ice/fire castles are gone.

Lloyd - But where are the Ice Samurai and Pyro Snakes?

Cole - Probably dead, now lets go back to ninjago. Using our forbidden spinjtizu skills.

Kai - I understand why Wu hid the scroll, it is pretty powerful.

Back Home

Lloyd - We are finally home!!

Jay - WHAT. IS. THAT!!!!!!!


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