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The First Spinjitzu Master was the creator of Ninjago and the art of Spinjitzu. He is a canonical character in the TV series, despite never having any major apperances or speaking roles. The First Spinjitzu Master is the father of Sensei Wu and Garmadon and grandfather to Lloyd. His elements are Golden Power,  Energy, and Creation. 


So far little is known about the First Spinjitzu Master's origin other than his creation of Ninjago and legendary battle with the Overlord, however Season 8 is rumored to reveal more.

The First Spinjitzu Master forged the Golden Weapons from the Golden Peaks and with the weapons created Ninjago. After creating Ninjago darkness in the flesh, The Overlord and his Stone Army attacked. After a long battle the First Spinjitzu Master proved victoriuos. The Overlord started

After the battle the First Spinjitzu Master had two children, Wu and Garmadon. Eventually, after thousands of years of life, The First Spinjitzu Master passed the protection of Ninjago into the hands of his sons. He came to rest in a tomb only a true Ninja could find at the bottom of the Endless Sea.

At some point in his life he also created the Realm Crystal which he used for inter-realm travel.

Fanon VariationsEdit

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Li Wei Edit

Featured in The Beginnings by an Anonymous User. Li Wei sets out to stop the Nightmare Revolution with the help of the newly established Elemental Masters

Hank Edit

Hank is the name given to the First Spinjitzu Master in Legends of Ogaji. In Legends of Ogaji, he has two siblings, Darius Dark and Gordon Gold. He represents the power of balance, while Darius and Gordon represent darkness and light respectively.

He also created the Infinity Crystals, which include the Realm Crystal, the Power Crystal, the Time Crystal, the Reality Crystal, and the Universe Crystal.

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