Ferrah was born to Jyah Dylaen and Abel Johnson, and was their only child. She met Chen at age 14 and the two became quick friends, and just a year later they began to date. When they were 19, Chen proposed and the couple eloped 4 months after. They later had their daughter, Skylor Chen when they were 26, and Ferrah died just 6 years later by an unknown cause...


Ferrah was a fierce and independant woman, she was also insanely protective of her daughter and husband(not to mention her brother).


Ferrah has mid-back length wavy strawberry blonde hair, and turquoise eyes with fair skin. She wears an Orange and Dark Turquoise Gown.


Jyah L. Dylaen- Mother

Abel Johnson- Father

Master Chen- Husband

Skylor Chen- Daughter

Himari Nakamura- Cousin

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